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4 Steamy Gifts for That Special Someone in Your Life

4 Steamy Gifts for That Special Someone in Your Life

Posted at Dec 16, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Whether you’re still not sure what to get for your favorite bedmate or are merely looking for an additional stocking stuffer that will really curl their toes, there are some excellent reasons to think outside the box and go a little sexy this year. Under the right circumstances, a sex toy or other erotic item makes a thoughtful steamy gift that your lover will get lots of use out of.

Here’s a closer look at when giving a sex toy is a good idea to consider further. We’ll cover some of the hottest selections from our extensive catalog to provide you with an excellent head start on ideas, as well. You’re just minutes away from being ready to pep things up in a big way this holiday season!

Is a Sex Toy the Right Gift Choice?

Chances are you already have a perfect idea of whether your partner would appreciate receiving an adult toy as a holiday gift, but here are some factors to consider before going ahead.

  • Is this someone with whom you’re already sexually involved?
  • Have you and this person used toys together before?
  • Has the idea of gifting the person a sex toy come up in conversation in the past?

A gifted sex toy should never feel like a complete surprise. Ideally speaking, your recipient is someone you’ve been sleeping with long enough for the two of you to be very comfortable together. You should also have used toys together in the past or talked about wanting to in the future. Here are some options to consider once you’re sure your steamy gift will be accepted in the right spirit.

1.      Ojoy Pleasure Wand

If you know your partner would genuinely appreciate a sex toy but aren’t sure what kind to get, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic wand massager. Wand massagers are robust, user-friendly, and versatile enough to stimulate anyone’s anatomy in a way they’re sure to enjoy. They can even be used to soothe sore, tired muscles at the end of a long day.

The Ojoy Pleasure Wand takes everything that works in an old-school massage wand to the next level and beyond. A convenient design is both cordless and waterproof, letting you use it wherever you like. Multiple vibration modes and a flexible neck make it easy to get the vibe just right every single time.

2.      Mighty Bullet (with Remote)

Another very versatile toy your partner is sure to love using – both with you and on their own – is a powerful vibrating bullet. Bullets are perfectly shaped to glide effortlessly over all their intimate curves, as well as slip easily into all their secret nooks and crannies.

This particular offering from Mighty Bullet makes an extra sexy gift, as it will be just as fun to use together as it will be for your partner to use on their own. A handy remote control makes for easy hands-free fun when it’s time for a solo session, but it also brings some serious possibility to the table when it comes to your future shared escapades. And like all the best toys, the Mighty Bullet is waterproof and fully rechargeable, so playing where and how you want to is always a cinch.

3.      Crave Vesper

The Crave Vesper isn’t just any vibrator. It’s the perfect adult toy for pleasure seekers who like to stay discreet. It doubles as a stunning piece of modern rose gold jewelry that complements an endless array of different looks – the best of both worlds. That makes for endless possibilities.

You’ll love the thought of your lover wearing their Crave wherever they go with no one else any the wiser as to its real purpose. They’ll love the way they have a simple, easy way to enjoy their next orgasm wherever and whenever the mood strikes. It’s perfect for traveling and for keeping one’s intimate life entirely under wraps.

4.      Velskin Alien Cole

If you know your partner likes their sex toys simple but fun, then look no further than Velskin’s latest collection of colorful dildos, dongs, and penetrative toys. They’re fresh, modern twists on classic designs that are sure to add flair, color, and charisma to even the most well-rounded collections.

The Alien Cole is a perfect example of what it’s all about. It’s a smart, wickedly curved option made of stunning blue and green Vel-Ultra silicone. Not only does it feel like a dream while it’s in use, but it looks like one, as well. This makes it a perfect sexy gift for a partner who either has everything or is genuinely a unique being in their own right.

Of course, these are just a few of the many items you’ll find for sale here at Castle Megastore that would make a perfect sexy gift this holiday season. Don’t be afraid to shop around for others. The ideal option for your lover is just a few clicks away!