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5 Amazing Non-Penetrative Vibrators Anyone Can Try

5 Amazing Non-Penetrative Vibrators Anyone Can Try

Posted at Aug 10, 2022 12:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

You don’t have to be into being penetrated to benefit from adding a really good vibrator to your pleasure routine. A vibrator can help you discover and unlock the potential of erogenous zones you never really considered before. It can make it easier to experience orgasm on your own terms. It can give you a wealth of new ways to elevate your sex life with your partner, as well.

But knowing you’d like to give the world of non-penetrative vibrators a try is one thing. Figuring out which of the many options you have to choose from is the best choice for you or your partner is another. Here’s a closer look at a handful of the most potent, accessible non-penetrative vibrators from our extensive pleasure catalog. Which ones have your attention?


When most people think of the best, most versatile non-penetrative vibrators, a magic wand is one of the first examples to come to mind for a reason. Magic wands are powerful, user-friendly, and look enough like standard back massagers that they’re great first vibrators for those who are a bit bashful about using a toy for the first time.

The Vibense Mini Power Wand is everything long-time toy lovers adore about magic wands in a smaller package you’ll love. A smooth, flexible silicone head is ideal for massaging all your most illicit sweet spots all the way to satisfaction. It’s also whisper-quiet, compact, rechargeable, and portable enough for you to take it with you anywhere and use it however you please.

Want to see even more fantastic non-penetrative vibrating toys that would make a perfect fit for anyone’s collection? Don’t be afraid to let your fingers do the walking and check out the rest of the treasures that are waiting for you in our extensive catalog here at Castle Megastore. Explore an endless variety of vibrators, cock rings, massagers, intimate wear, accessories, and more!