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5 Underrated Bedroom Moves

5 Underrated Bedroom Moves

Posted at Apr 28, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Everyone’s got a list of go-to moves they like to pull out of their bag of tricks when they really want to wow a lover in the bedroom. Don’t make the mistake of assuming a signature move has to be crazy or kinky to leave a huge impression, though. Some of the best tricks also happen to be the simplest, most approachable ones. The following are some great examples of bedroom moves to keep in mind the next time you’re up close and personal with someone special.

1.      Go in for the occasional quickie.

Long, slow, sensual lovemaking sessions get a lot of attention, and with good reason. Taking your time not only feels incredible and ensures both people leave the encounter satisfied, but it’s a powerful way to simply enjoy being in your partner’s presence. You don’t want to knock the impact of an occasional quickie, though.

The sheer carnal urgency that comes along with a quickie is red hot and hard to resist, so don’t be afraid to go for this bedroom move the next time you’re in that familiar “gotta have it now” mood. Undress each other only as much as you need to. Ravish each other wherever you happen to be in whatever position feels natural in the moment. It makes a beautiful contrast to all your “low and slow” sessions.

2.      Hold your partner’s hands.

One simple, easy way to make sex feel incredibly intimate and loving is to add more points of connection when it comes to your body parts. And yes, paying attention to obvious hot zones like the bum, breasts, chest, or stomach is almost always a winner. Just make sure you’re not overlooking your partner’s hands.

Holding hands may sound sappy or sentimental, but it’s a great way to feel closer to your partner when you make love. The hands, fingers, and wrists are packed with nerve endings, so they’re great places to touch, caress, or kiss your partner. Lace your fingers together as you enjoy one another or use your own hands to stroke your partner’s face.

3.      Nibble their ears or neck.

Speaking of often-overlooked erogenous zones, there are plenty that give you a perfect excuse for getting even closer to your partner as you please each other. For instance, the ears are incredibly sensitive. Gently licking the edge of your partner’s ear, nibbling their ear lobe, or whispering something naughty into their ear is a great move to give them an instant thrill.

The same goes for their neck. Trying kissing, touching, or stroking them there to get them in the mood for more the next time you’re enjoying a make-out session. Or head for their neck as a way to heighten the sensation and send them soaring over the edge when you know they’re getting close to orgasm.

4.      Give them (or yourself) a hand.

Oral stimulation gets all the credit when it comes to great ways to pleasure your partner, but manual stimulation really deserves some love, as well. A skilled set of hands that knows precisely how a body likes to be touched is an incredible asset to have in your corner. Manual play makes a beautiful way to warm up for the main event or can be a pleasure in and of itself.

There’s also something to be said for mutual masturbation. Touching yourselves as you enjoy one another is a red-hot move to make sex more intimate, as you’re treating each other to a sight you wouldn’t usually get to see. Try it the old-fashioned way, or consider sharing a favorite adult toy between the two of you.

5.      Experiment with delaying the big moment.

Just as quickies can be a fantastic way to change up your lovemaking pace and urgency, so can purposefully stretching things out and delaying gratification. Playing with delayed gratification can help couples that have been together a long time break free of ruts by reminding them to slow down and savor their intimate time together the way they used to. It can make things extra hot for new couples, as well.

Clear a nice block of time when you don’t have anything planned so that you can play as long as you like. Try teasing one another and seeing just how long you can take it before you absolutely need to have an orgasm. Keep things going by switching things up or shifting the focus to other body parts every so often. You can also take breaks from genital stimulation altogether to focus on other bedroom moves like kissing and dirty talk.

The most memorable lovers are the ones who not only love what they’re doing when they’re in the thick of lovemaking but savor every aspect of the experience. Make sure you’re doing the same, and you can be confident of making an impression to remember.