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6 Great Ideas for Amplifying Your Sex Drive This Summer

6 Great Ideas for Amplifying Your Sex Drive This Summer

Posted at Jun 29, 2022 12:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

There’s so much about summer to look forward to, especially when it comes to relaxing and taking life as it comes a little more often. Long, lazy days make an especially perfect backdrop for making memories with a partner, but there’s no reason to limit your summer fun to G-rated backyard activities unless you want to.

Summer is a terrific time to ramp up your sex drive and jazz things up a little in the bedroom, as well, even when it’s a bit hot and humid for comfort. Here are some awesome ideas for channeling a little of that colorful summer energy into your intimate life this year.

1.      Channel your inner teenager.

So many couples reflect on their teen years with extreme fondness, and it’s not hard to see why. Everything just seems so colorful and wonderful when you’re still young. Music sounds its best, love is at its most potent, and summers are absolutely unforgettable.

If you and your partner met when you were still young, try making this summer time the year you give yourself permission to recapture some of that sexy magic. Revisit some of your old favorite hangouts, movies, foods, and pastimes. Get resourceful like teens and make out or have sex in unusual places. Be creative!

2.      Experiment with sensual massage.

A good massage makes the perfect follow-up to a beautiful, sun-soaked day by the pool or at the beach. It makes an even better segue into some seriously steamy fun between the sheets, so don’t be afraid to take it there.

Invest in some sumptuously scented massage oils, light some candles, get naked, and treat each other to indulgent head-to-toe massages. Soothe the kinks out of sore muscles after a long day being active with a good all-purpose wand massager, and then take things downtown for a classic happy ending. Be playful, have fun, and enjoy each other.

3.      Explore tantric sex.

Summer is the perfect time to dive deep into activities and pursuits requiring a little extra time and patience – like tantric sex. Tantric sex is an ancient technique that can help couples leverage sexual energy to reach new levels of enlightenment and inner peace, and it’s an ideal way to spend a long summer afternoon or evening in the bedroom.

Set aside a period of time when you know you’ll be able to spend a few hours undisturbed. Turn your phones off for a while, lock yourselves away alone, and get to work focusing on each other. Try to stretch your sexual experience out over an hour to start with. Then work your way up to longer over future sessions. The longer you can draw things out, the more explosive the eventual release.

4.      Experiment with temperature play.

So many people let rising temperatures and hot summer days become an excuse to simply lie around waiting for them to pass. Why not make the most of them this summer by using them as an excuse to try something new and exhilarating in the bedroom instead?

Temperature play is an incredible way to wake up those sensitive nerve endings and experience the sensations you know and love on some really interesting levels. So, chill a glass dildo or probe in a bowl of ice water for some uniquely experimental play. Or try sucking on an ice cube or popsicle before treating your lover to some oral stimulation. Explore the possibilities.

5.      Go on a sexy shopping spree.

Summer is a terrific time to try some new sexy things on for size, and there’s definitely no reason why this attitude shouldn’t follow you and your partner into the bedroom this year. Make getting into the spirit easy on yourselves by getting the ball rolling with a spicy shopping spree for some new things to try.

Are the two of you overdue for a new toy or two to play with? Pick out something waterproof you can use in the pool, or the hot tub the next time things get steamy. Ready to make this summer the time you stopped talking about bondage and started experimenting with it? Pick up an all-in-one starter kit to play with this season. You get the picture.

6.      Get away from it all.

Vacations aren’t just great for the soul and the nerves. They work wonders for a couple’s collective libido, as well, so think twice before you forgo that summer vacation you’ve been daydreaming about. People just respond to stimuli differently when they’re away from home, so it could be just the thing to really get your motors running.

You don’t necessarily have to jet off to a foreign country to reap the benefits, either. Even a staycation at a bed and breakfast in your home city can be all you need to really reconnect. Try it and see!