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5 Sizzling Things to Add to Your Summer Sex Bucket List

5 Sizzling Things to Add to Your Summer Sex Bucket List

Posted at Jul 28, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Who says a summer bucket list must consist entirely of things to do outside your bedroom? Of course, backyard barbecues, drives to the beach, and fun summer festivals are fantastic for what they are. But can any epic summer really be considered complete without plenty of smoking hot sex as part of the mix?

By now, you already know where you want to take your family and what personal projects you want to get done around your home. Now it’s time to think about ways you can turn up the heat between the sheets and have some summer fun with your sex life. Here are a few suggestions to start with.

1.      Add someplace new to get it on to your bucket list.

Summertime is the perfect time to try doing things differently. It’s the best time to meet new people, throw something different on the barbecue grill, or find a new favorite spot for your family picnics. So why not carry that thinking over into your sex life, as well?

Feel free to start with options that give you a chance to beat the heat. Think clandestine balcony sex after sundown or a quick romp in the woods while you’re taking a break during a hike. New locations to get down and dirty at home are fair game, too, though. If you’ve always wanted to do it on the kitchen floor or the stairs, this is the time to to cross it off your bucket list.

2.      Beat the heat by playing with temperature.

Who says there’s such a thing as “too hot to have sex”? Rising temperatures provide the perfect opportunity to engage in a bit of temperature play. If you or your partner are new to experimenting with temperature, try things out by incorporating an ice cube into foreplay or oral sex. If you like it, you can easily upgrade by adding some toys to the mix.

Pick out a beautiful, temperature-proof sex toy like a probe or stimulator made of glass or stainless steel. Pop it into the fridge for a while before you’re ready to play, and prepare to have an exciting, good time. You can heat the same toy in the wintertime by letting it sit in a bowl of warm water, as well.

3.      Add a little spice to social gatherings.

Summer is nothing if not a time to enjoy the company of other people. But don’t assume that a packed social schedule means anything sexy is entirely off the table. Even the most innocent and wholesome family barbecues can make an excellent backdrop for foreplay with a little creativity.

That can mean something as innocent as leaning over while picnicking with friends and whispering something naughty into your partner’s ear. Let them know what you’d like to do with them once you’re alone together later. And if you’re adventurous, you can even try bringing a wearable vibrator into play. Just put it on, hand the remote control over to your partner, and enjoy the fun of having a naughty little secret together.

4.      Try bringing a treasured fantasy to life.

A long, lazy summer day at home has a way of seeming a bit surreal, especially when it’s scorching out. What better time to think outside the box and try something completely new on for size? Exploring a pet fantasy with your partner along for the ride could be just the ticket.

Sit down together sometime soon and take turns trading pet fantasies with one another. Make a running list of the ones you both like the idea of bringing into reality. Then pick something off the list the next time you’re both in the mood to shake things up a bit. Anything goes, from a first foray into BDSM to some in-depth anal play with a new toy.

5.      Add wet and wild to your bucket list.

Water sex is always a great way to take love play to the next level and add a little something extra. And in the summertime, it’s a terrific way to cool down a little, as well. What form the water takes is up to you, but pools, lakes, or even the ocean are all top-tier choices. In the absence of any other options, the shower or the tub can make a perfect substitute.

Make things more romantic by adding candles, music, or some perfectly mixed cocktails. Kick the sexy factor up a notch with a few of your favorite waterproof toys. For even more sensual fun, treat each other to massages after tub time’s over.

Summertime is the time to relax, indulge, and enjoy life to the utmost. Naturally, that thinking should find its way into your sex life sooner or later. The above options are just a few ideas to get you started with your bucket list. Don’t be afraid to get even more creative with a few scenarios of your own.