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How to Keep Foreplay Creative and Red Hot

How to Keep Foreplay Creative and Red Hot

Posted at Jul 15, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Everyone knows foreplay is important. To begin with, sex is super-hot when everyone’s had adequate time to warm up and get excited about what happens next. Plus, foreplay is an important part of building and maintaining intimacy for partners. Still, foreplay doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being lots of fun in its own right, not to mention sexy.

It’s a good idea to get creative with your approach to foreplay and change it up once in a while too. The following are some great suggestions to start with but don’t be afraid to come up with some steamy ideas of your own as well.

Make It an All-Day Deal

Foreplay doesn’t have to happen right before you have sex to do the job. It can go on for hours or even all day long, starting first thing in the morning. Try adding a little oomph to an ordinary, everyday morning by sending your partner a naughty text to open when they get to work. (Bonus points for making it a sexy selfie!)

Keep things going all day long with a series of flirty texts and detailed talk about what you’d like to do together later when you’ve got your partner all to yourself. By the time you’re together again that evening, you’ll both be raring to go.

Nix the Clothes

Dressing up in sexy lingerie or costumes can be a fun way to jazz things up in the bedroom, but complete nudity can be powerful as well. Strip down completely before you get into bed next time, whether or not you’re turning in for the night. Then spend some time simply cuddling that way and enjoying the feel of each other.

If you’re comfortable with the idea, consider having occasion lazy Sundays or Saturdays where you stay naked together all day. It’s a fun, playful way to make an ordinary day together feel flirty and sexy. Plus, the view you’ll both be enjoying all day long will certainly lead to other things.

Embrace Spontaneity

When you’ve been with someone a while, you’ve learned what works. You know what kinds of touch turn your partner on or help them have an orgasm. You know what they like, as well as how and when they like it. And if you’re like most couples, you tend to stick with what works, which can lead to a rut if you’re not careful.

Think back to the days when you were first dating. Chances are things were a lot more spontaneous. If the mood hit you right, you’d treat your partner to a passionate kiss out of nowhere, some strategic groping in public, or an unplanned blowjob on the stairs. Start consciously thinking like this again. Spontaneity is red-hot sexy, so make it work for you.

Pick Something Spicy for Movie Night

If you and your partner are into the idea of watching straight-up porn together, that’s awesome, but keep in mind viewing material doesn’t have to be pornographic to be hot. There are hundreds of movies out there that are great for getting into the mood, ranging from super romantic to truly dirty and very sexy.

Pick something you’re both into and enjoy. Love scenes in movies are terrific ways to put love and sex on your mind. They can be terrific places to get new ideas for bedroom moves to try. They’re awesome conversation starters too.

Wax a Little Nostalgic

Every couple has good times to look back on when they’re feeling a little bit nostalgic. Some of those times were sweet while others were passionate. When was the last time the two of you sat and reminisced about some of your favorite moments together? If it’s been a while, consider indulging in a trip down memory lane soon.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit things to times you had sex. Talk about where you went on your first date or the night the two of you decided to become a couple. Try recreating some of those scenes and letting them work their magic on your relationship and your sex life alike.

Start a Pleasure Chest

You don’t have to be a pair of kinksters to benefit from a well-rounded sex toy collection. Sex toys are amazing ways to keep foreplay creative and interesting. Plus, their sheer popularity means you’ve got plenty of options at your disposal these days.

There are versatile vibrating bullets for exploring each other’s bodies and remote-control vibrators that completely redefine what foreplay is all about. There are amazing lubes, bondage items, massage oils, and more out there to try as well. Start a toy chest and take turns choosing items to add to it. You’ll never be at a loss for a way to spice things up again.