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How to Keep Lingering Body Image Issues from Hurting Your Sex Life

How to Keep Lingering Body Image Issues from Hurting Your Sex Life

Posted at Oct 5, 2022 11:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you struggle with body image problems, you’re far from alone. Most people at least occasionally have issues with the way their bodies look or perform, and it makes sense that those issues will sometimes affect their sex lives. In fact, body image issues are among the most common obstacles people deal with when it comes to the quality of their sex lives.

People who aren’t comfortable with their bodies tend to be a lot more self-conscious and a lot less confident. They’re less likely to initiate sex, and they can find it challenging to lose themselves in the experience when they do have sex. And body image problems aren’t just a women’s issue, either. Lots of men have them, too, so knowing how to move past them is something everyone can benefit from. Here’s how to get started.

Shut down negative self-talk

So much of a person’s negative body image is all about the dialogue that goes on in their own head. Many people were taught to see their bodies negatively from the time they were really young, and it can take a lifetime to overcome that sort of thing. But the negative inner dialogue can be pretty persistent, even after you’ve made progress in other ways.

Faking it ‘til you make it is often the best approach here. Actively work on shutting down negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive affirmations. With enough time and patience, you can train yourself to think differently.

Listen to your partner

If you’re in a loving, healthy relationship, then the chances are pretty good that your partner has plenty of positive things to say to you about your body and its performance in the bedroom. It’s officially time to start trusting their judgment and believing what they say.

Not only is believing your partner when they praise you or tell you you’re sexy better for your body image, but it’s also better for your relationship. It always feels nicer when someone you love is willing to accept a compliment graciously instead of feeling the need to reject it instead.

Establish a healthy fitness routine

Fitness is something that should be part of everyone’s life for several reasons. To begin with, it’s an essential part of taking care of yourself and staying as healthy as possible. It’s also fantastic therapy for a person’s body image, although not necessarily in the way you might be thinking.

Yes, working out regularly helps you achieve and maintain a fit, healthy physique. But it also facilitates an inner dialogue that celebrates your body for what it can do instead of only what it looks like. It makes you better at sex, as well, by making you stronger, more flexible, more confident, and better able to keep up when things get vigorous.

Do your Kegels

Speaking of things you can do that simultaneously help improve your body image while also making you better in bed, make sure you’re doing your Kegels. Kegels help you build the solid pelvic floor that’s a must for getting the most out of sex. Not only does a Kegel routine tighten up all those essential muscles, but it also leads to stronger, more powerful orgasms that will really curl your toes.

All it takes to do a Kegel is to contract and release the same group of muscles you’d use to hold in a stream of urine. Try to do two or three sets of ten each day. Ladies can add a set of sexy Kegel eggs to their routine to make things more fun. But guys should know they can benefit from Kegels, as well – especially if they’re interested in lasting longer and having more powerful orgasms.

Hang with body-positive people

It really is true what they say about the people you hang with. You ultimately wind up thinking more like them than you realize. So, if you’re looking to overcome long-standing body image issues, make sure you’re spending your time with people who believe that all bodies are beautiful, are accepting of different body types, and practice plenty of self-compassion.

And while you’re at it, do a minor overhaul on your social media feeds. Unfollow accounts that make you feel inadequate and brands that capitalize on people’s insecurities. Instead, follow vibrant, body-positive, inspiring voices and companies that encourage you to love yourself more.

Ultimately, you really can’t separate your body image from the quality of your sex life. Someone who feels good about themselves and confident in what their body is capable of is someone who’s that much more likely to be having the incredible sex everyone dreams about.

So what are you waiting for? Start your own body-positivity journey today, and you’ll be reaping the benefits yourself before too long.