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How to Keep Your Sex Life Lively When Staying With Family

How to Keep Your Sex Life Lively When Staying With Family

Posted at Nov 13, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

You know what they say. There’s no place like home for the holidays and it’s not hard to see why. The holiday season is the perfect time to spend some quality one on one time with family you might not get the chance to see the rest of the year. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to be the guest instead of always playing host.

Staying with family for a few days or a couple of weeks isn’t all fun and games though, especially when it comes to logging some serious sex with your partner. You naturally want to keep things hot and active, but without scandalizing your parents or your younger cousins.

Take Advantage of Household Patterns

Waiting until the rest of the house is in bed (and likely asleep) to get down and dirty is a no brainer. However, the typical house can still make for closer quarters than you’d otherwise like. The walls could be thin or sound could carry in all the wrong ways. Worse yet, your room could share a wall with your parents’ or in-laws’ room. You can never be sure family won’t overhear you; it can be tough to be 100% silent every time you have sex!

Give yourself a little more leeway during some of your sessions by getting a feel for other people’s schedules and planning accordingly. Do your in-laws head to work at a certain time and leave you with the house to yourselves certain days of the week? Maybe Aunt Marge and Uncle Rick are in the habit of going for a nice, long walk every night after dinner. Use those precious hours to your advantage.

Think Outside the Bed

Nothing makes you painfully aware of how noisy a bed can be quite like the need for sexual discretion. Bed springs squeak. Headboards have a way of banging against the wall no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Anyone that hears that sort of thing can’t help but know exactly what’s going on.

Avoid the awkward looks from family over the breakfast table the next morning by nixing sex in the bed altogether. Spread a cozy comforter on the floor and get busy there instead. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore that titillating new standing position you’ve been wanting to try for a while. If you really can’t bring yourselves to leave the bed, try experimenting with slow, sweet sex from a spooning position. It’s hot and relatively quiet.

Try Having Shower Sex

Will the two of you be staying in a guest room that comes complete with its own adjoining bathroom? You’ll definitely want to put shower sex on your radar. It’ll be easy to slip in there unnoticed for some alone time first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or right before you’re set to leave with the rest of the household for a last-minute shopping trip. Plus, everyone knows that shower time is private time, so you can count on not being disturbed.

Just take care to avoid slipping or falling! Do your aging parents or grandparents have hand bars, chairs, or traction mats installed in their shower for safety reasons? They’ll come in handy when it comes to making shower sex safer as well. Spreading a towel on the shower floor can work in a pinch as well.

Volunteer for Babysitting Duty

Will there be babies or young children present at the house where you’re staying? Consider volunteering yourself and your partner as babysitters once in a while. Once the kids are down for their naps or in bed for the night, the two of you are free to enjoy some quality time together whether that means having sex or simply enjoying some cuddle time in front of the television.

The kids’ parents will probably welcome the chance to enjoy a date night or some much-needed alone time as well. In fact, the chances are pretty good that they’ll also be taking advantage of the chance to have sex. They’ve probably been as worried as you are about the wrong people overhearing!

Take Advantage of the Car

A holiday visit to parents or relatives is nothing if not a chance to revisit your past. You go through old photo albums and take walks down memory lane. You’ll probably be reminded of your favorite old ways to enjoy a make-out session or some clandestine sex as a teenager as well.

Take things one step further by revisiting an old stand-by and having car sex. Not only is it a fun way to throw back to your younger years, but it’s one of the best ways to score some alone time with your partner. How you go about things is up to you. Enjoy a quick and dirty oral sex session in a dark parking lot after grabbing a bite to eat. Pack a picnic, drive out to a secluded area, and make an entire evening of it. It’s totally up to you!

Take Advantage of Opportune Times to Slip Away

Does everyone in the house glue themselves to Sunday night football without fail every week? What about that John Hughes movie marathon that’s been a family tradition ever since you can remember? Those sounds like excellent opportunities to slip away with your partner for a little alone time.

Bustling holiday parties and gatherings can work great in this regard as well. Wait for the festivities to get underway and sneak away for a few moments to your bedroom or a dark corner of the garden. Not only will no one even notice you’re gone, but there’s nothing hotter than a well-timed quickie.

Get Creative with Sex Toys

Don’t assume you have to leave your favorite sex toys in your nightstand at home just because you’re staying with family for the holidays. In fact, the right toy can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping things hot, spicy, and discreet in all the right ways. For instance, a waterproof bullet vibe can be fantastic for smuggling into the pool or hot tub. The truly adventurous might want to head for the movies with a wearable remote control vibrator in tow as well.

Worried about the dog or your baby cousins getting into your bag and outing your buzz-worthy little secret? Try one of the many vibrating toys designed to look exactly like everyday objects (i.e. lipstick, rubber duckies, or thumb drives). No one will be the wiser if they’re discovered. There are even discreet vibrators that double as attractive pieces of jewelry to consider.

Get a Room

If you’re staying with family for just a few days, sneaking around and getting creative about sex can be kind of fun. However, it can just as quickly wear thin if you’re going to be there on an extended basis. After a while, you’ll find yourself craving a setting where you can be totally uninhibited together the way you would be at home.

Consider telling your family that you and your partner are heading out for a date night together – dinner and a movie perhaps. Then check into a hotel room and spend the evening there instead. Order room service complete with champagne and have sweaty, unbridled sex to your hearts’ content. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed, not to mention less sexually frustrated, when it’s time to return to home base.

Make Time for a Private Gift Exchange

If you’re staying with relatives for the holidays, you’ll most likely be partaking in most festivities as a family. This may include a big communal gift exchange with a lot of other people and that’s great. However, it’s just as important to make sure you and your partner treat yourself to a chance to exchange private gifts together.

Consider purchasing one set of gifts to exchange in front of everyone else and another to exchange in private once you’re alone together. For extra fun, make your private gifts something sexy. Lingerie, erotica, sex toys, or sensual massage oils are all excellent ideas. Plus, taking the time to enjoy little intimate little exchanges together is a great way to decompress from all the togetherness you’re enjoying the rest of the time.

Be Perpetually Prepared

As you can see from some of the examples above, one of the best ways to keep your sex life going while you’re staying with family is to make the most of every opportunity to get busy. Making it a point to be constantly prepared for unexpected alone time is a great idea for that reason.

Keep favorite must-have essentials (i.e. condoms, lube, or small sex toys) in your glove compartment or that handy hidden pocket in your purse so they’re perpetually within easy reach. You’ll be able to make the absolute most of even the most unexpected stolen moments. Happy holidays indeed!