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How to Take Your Foreplay from Merely Adequate to Truly Fantastic

How to Take Your Foreplay from Merely Adequate to Truly Fantastic

Posted at Nov 10, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When you’ve been in a relationship a while, it’s easy to make a habit of jumping straight into sex. After all, you know each other’s bodies almost as well as you know your own. You’ve got a comfortable routine going that works for both of you. But if you’re rushing through foreplay (or skipping it altogether), you’re doing yourself a real disservice.

There are so many incredible ways your bodies can experience pleasure, and genital intercourse is only one of them. Foreplay gives you a chance to sample a little bit of everything on the menu if you wish. It’s also the key to making intercourse – if that’s your ultimate goal – absolutely incredible. So here’s a look at how to fall in love with foreplay again and make it everything it should be.

Never underestimate the power of kissing.

Think back to the early days of your sexual awakening. Do you remember how positively magical kissing used to feel? Back then, you fully understood how powerful a perfect kiss (or an extended make-out session) could really be. It was something you daydreamed about, craved, and looked forward to repeating, sometimes to the point of distraction.

That said, kissing is perhaps one of the most underrated intimate activities a couple can engage in. Try making mindful, leisurely kissing sessions a regular addition to your routine again, and see what happens. See how long you can go before moving on to other things and prepare to be blown away by the difference it makes.

Get handsy with each other.

Hands-on stimulation is another highly underrated activity that’s well worth revisiting and exploring further. Mutual intimate touch is an incredible thing that can be as subtle or as powerful as you want it to be. It’s also a fantastic way to truly discover how each of your bodies reacts to different types of stimulation, pressure levels, and so forth.

It’s also worth letting manual stimulation be your final destination now and again. There’s nothing hotter than a quick and dirty hand job now and then to keep things interesting. Try surprising your partner with one in an unexpected context to stay on their mind for hours afterward.

Experiment with different lubes.

Many couples tend to think of lube as something to reach for only as needed, but it’s actually an incredible way to take both foreplay and standard sex to the next level and beyond. A little goes a long way and can really help accelerate arousal by amplifying even subtle sensations.

It’s also inexpensive and relatively approachable for couples who’d like to experiment with more options in the bedroom but aren’t sure where to start. Lube comes in an incredible variety of flavors, scents, and consistencies. There are even warming and cooling lubes that bring entirely new sensations to the table to keep things exciting.

Start a sex toy collection.

Although adult toys are certainly incredible ways to make solo time a lot more interesting, you’re missing out if you’re keeping the fun strictly to yourself. Like lube, the right sex toy can introduce you to an entire universe of new ways to experience pleasure together, both during and after foreplay.

  • Try running a small vibrator like a magic bullet or a vibrating egg over each other’s bodies to discover new erogenous zones or unlock new ways to activate the ones you know about.
  • Use a wand massager to treat one another to soothing full-body massages (complete with happy endings, if you wish).
  • Add couple’s toys like vibrating cock rings or hands-free horseshoe vibes to the mix to make both foreplay and intercourse more pleasurable.
  • Start a pleasure chest to dip into when you’re in the mood for something unique. Shop for new additions together, and use the experience as an ice breaker for frequent conversations about sex.

Talk things out the dirty way.

Communication should be a staple in any couple’s sex life, but there’s no reason why it has to be strictly utilitarian. Instead, take the sizzle factor of your foreplay up a notch or two by adding some dirty talk to the mix. How you do it is up to you, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

Whisper naughty little nothings into your partner’s ear throughout the evening the next time you’re out enjoying a date night. Surprise them with dirty texts or sexy selfies when they’re away at work or off running errands. While you’re engaged in foreplay, don’t keep mum. Tell your partner what you’d like them to do, how good it feels, and what they’ve got you thinking about.

And don’t be afraid to make foreplay the main event now and again, as well. Hand stimulation, oral, toy play, and more can all be taken as far as you like – even all the way to a big finish for both of you. So experiment a little, and see where your creativity takes you!