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Product Review: Le Deux Double Pleasure

Product Review: Le Deux Double Pleasure

Posted at Jan 12, 2022 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you’ve never experienced a really good, blended orgasm before, then can you genuinely say you’re getting as much as you could be out of your intimate life? Whether you’re already reliably orgasmic or are still getting the hang out of having orgasms regularly, dual stimulation is often the game-changer that makes all the difference.

But you also really need the right toy in your corner to take the guesswork out of hitting your sweet spots just right. Le Deux Double Pleasure is Le Line’s solution to dual-point stimulation that’s powerful, targeted, and so delicious, you’ll be left wondering where it’s been all your life. Here’s a closer look at why toys are the way to go when you need reliable dual stimulation, as well as what sets the Double Pleasure apart from the rest of the pack.

Why Trust the Job to a Sex Toy?

Although there’s nothing wrong with going the all-natural route when you’re in the mood for an orgasm, dual-point stimulation that consistently results in incredible orgasms isn’t easy to master. A skilled partner who knows what they’re doing may be able to get things just right, but it’s next to impossible to achieve the same results when you’re flying solo.

Or at least that’s the case if you don’t have a toy – like a classic rabbit vibrator or something similar – to help you with the tricky angles. But toys like Le Deux Double Pleasure are ergonomically designed to make effortless, effective stimulation simple. That means you don’t need a partner or to be an aspiring contortionist to get the same results. Instead, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Body-Pleasing Ergonomic Design

If you’ve ever attempted to find and stimulate your own G-spot, then you already know that’s no easy feat. It’s located about a third of the way inside your vagina on the anterior wall — the wall that’s facing up when you lie on your back – but this may vary from person to person. The G-spot also needs a particular type of stimulation to get you on the road to an orgasm – firm, direct, and constant.

The Double Pleasure features an interior arm that’s perfectly designed to locate, activate, and stimulate your G-spot with minimal effort on your part. Simply sliding it into place is enough to get it where it needs to be. Meanwhile, an additional clitoral sucker delivers the external stimulation you likely need to reach orgasm reliably. Think gentle but powerful stimulation that feels like oral sex.

Together these two types of stimulation activate your entire vulva, including your complete clitoral structure. That means intense, easily accessed, toe-curling orgasms that leave you feeling 100 percent satisfied after you’re done. Who wouldn’t want a better way to get more of those into their life?

Powerful Multi-Function Motor

Of course, not all vibrators are created equally when it comes to power. Cheaply manufactured, bargain-basement vibes tend to come equipped with weak motors that can start losing their oomph after a few months at the most. Le Deux Double Pleasure, on the other hand, is powered by not one but two of Le Line’s famously robust motors. Not only does it last, but it conveys vibrations exactly where you need them most without any dead spots or weak areas.

And you’re always right in the driver’s seat when it comes to each pleasure experience you enjoy. Play around, explore, and unlock your body’s true pleasure potential with seven different vibration settings plus three more suction options. Pick your go-to favorite for those days you want to stick to what works. Then, experiment with the others when you’re in the mood to discover something new about what your body likes most.

Fantastically Made for Play on Your Own Terms

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your Double Pleasure in bed before going to sleep or perhaps to start your day with a bang, it’s always nice to have the option of mixing things up a bit. This is one toy that won’t ever let you down on that level.

To begin with, the Double Pleasure is cordless and fully rechargeable, so you’re never stuck scoping out a room for an outlet before you know whether you can play there. And all you need to juice back up when you’re done is a handy USB set-up to take care of things anywhere from your car to your office.

The Double Pleasure is waterproof and whisper-quiet, as well, so don’t be afraid to drop it into your gym bag to enjoy on the sly in the sauna or bring it into the shower with you in the morning. And you don’t have to keep your good times all to yourself unless you want to. The Double Pleasure makes a great addition to foreplay with your partner, as well, so don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities.