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Product Review: Pleasure Power Pocket Wand

Product Review: Pleasure Power Pocket Wand

Posted at Dec 30, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When it comes to vibrators that get the job done with a bang every time, you can’t go wrong with a classic wand-style massager. They’re powerful and versatile. They make wonderful first vibrators for people who are brand new to sex toys and just learning what they’re all about, as well. The only real drawback to your standard wand massager is its size and – in the case of many models – the need to plug it into an outlet.

The Pleasure Power Pocket Wand changes the game in a big way. It’s everything you want in a wand-style vibrator and nothing you don’t. Here’s a closer look at what it brings to the table for toy lovers of every preference and experience level.

A Design That Does It All

The good folks at Pleasure Power know how your body likes to be stimulated, and the Pleasure Power Pocket Wand was made with this in mind. An ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold onto and guide when it’s time to get down and dirty. A soft, body-safe silicone head with an ultra-silky finish glides over all your favorite sweet spots with ease, while a flexible neck helps the wand move with you and respond to your body.

A powerful motor and versatile design mean your Pocket Wand also does excellent double duty as a traditional massager for soothing sore, tired muscles. Try using yours to treat yourself to a full-service massage complete with a happy ending after a long, grueling day on your feet. Better yet, you can treat your partner to one – a perfect way to show a partner who’s new to sex toys exactly how incredible they can be.

Multiple Vibration Modes to Explore

Some people have one tried and true way they like to use their vibrator every single time they indulge in a solo session. Others want to mix things up or at least reserve the option to do so when they’re in the mood. The Pocket Wand comes equipped with three different speeds and seven different vibration settings to mix, match, and explore to your heart’s content.

Enhance your play session by starting with the milder settings, building up to the more intense ones as you get closer to having an orgasm. Experiment with various combinations to figure out what works the best for your body. However, you decide to push your boundaries with your Pocket Wand, it’s easy to do thanks to intuitive one-touch button controls – even when you’re caught up in the heat of the moment.

Convenience That Lets You Play the Way You Want To

The Pocket Wand comes equipped with the same powerful motor you’d expect to find in traditional wand massagers, but you don’t have to hunt around for a free outlet to use it. It’s cordless, so you can enjoy your next pleasure session absolutely anywhere you like. It’s also fully rechargeable, so there’s no need to keep a steady supply of fresh batteries on hand just in case. When you’re ready to recharge your wand, you can do so as quickly as you would your cell phone via a handy USB cord.

Your Pocket Wand is waterproof, as well, so you really can use it anywhere. Take it with you into the tub or the shower for some sweet tension release that gets your day started on the right foot. Enjoy a little naughty fun on your own or with a partner in the pool or the sauna. Be as creative and adventurous as you like!

Take Your Next Orgasm on the Go

If you’re a diehard toy lover, then it’s probably hard to call any trip complete until you’ve got at least one of your favorite toys along for the ride. Traditional wand-style massagers are far from travel-friendly. They’re big, they’re unwieldy, they’re heavy, and everyone has nightmares about being asked to explain what theirs is if a customs agent finds it in their travel bag.

The Pocket Wand was designed with comfortable, issue-free travel in mind. Its dimensions are as portable as can be so that you can take it along anywhere you like, almost as an afterthought. Slip it into your purse on your way to your lover’s house, so you’re prepared if they’re in the mood for a steamy massage. Bring it along with you in your luggage without it taking up half the space in your suitcase. The Pocket Wand even comes with a discreet travel case to protect it from dust, lint, and prying eyes.

If you’ve been looking for the ideal toy for any mood or occasion, look no further than the Pocket Wand. It’s got a little something to offer everyone. It’s also one of hundreds of toe-curling masterpieces you’ll find in our extensive catalog here at Castle Megastore, so come back any time to choose your next go-to favorite!