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The Woman’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy Sex Life

The Woman’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy Sex Life

Posted at Sep 18, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Sex is more than just a fun way to connect with your partner now and again. Numerous studies have proven that sex is amazing for your health as well. People with a healthy, active sex life have stronger hearts, better immune systems, and higher endurance levels than those who forgo sex altogether. Sex is a key part of most committed relationships as well, so getting it on regularly is among the best ways to stay close as a couple.

However, maintaining a healthy sex life comes more easily to some people than others, and it can be especially challenging for women. The following covers just a few things every woman should know in order to make her sex life – on her own, with her partner, or both – everything she’d like it to be.

Confidence and Body Image

One of the secrets to a sex life that’s satisfying and healthy on every level is a relationship with one’s body that’s equally great. That’s a tall order for most people, but it’s not impossible. A woman who perceives herself as attractive, skilled, agile, and sexy is more likely to enjoy sex and to describe the sex as satisfying.

That said, everyone is different when it comes to what makes them feel comfortable and attractive in their own skin, but some potential areas to focus on include:

  • Being more diligent about getting enough exercise. Exercise not only helps with weight management, stamina, strength, and overall health, but it boosts confidence, feelings of attractiveness, and mood as well.
  • Eating right, staying hydrated, and keeping up with the details of maintaining a positive ongoing state of health. You get out of your body what you put into it.
  • Styling yourself in a way that makes you feel sexy, as opposed to looking the way you think an existing or potential partner wants you to look. Ultimately, finding yourself attractive is more important when it comes to your personal sexual wellbeing.

Knowing What You Like

Although it’s no longer taboo for women to talk about, want, or enjoy sex, many women still have no real idea how their bodies work from a sexual standpoint. Before you can help a partner make you feel good in bed, it’s essential that you learn how your body does (and doesn’t) like to be touched.

Masturbation is one of the best things for women who are serious about improving their sex lives. While it’s fine to do things the old-fashioned way and stick to hands or fingers, the right sex toys can work wonders. If you don’t already have some, consider buying a vibrator or two and letting the toys reveal where, how, and when your body likes to be touched the way it does.

You’ll also want to explore what turns you on mentally and emotionally. What do you find yourself fantasizing about when your mind wanders into sexual territory? What turns you no when it comes to porn or erotica? Do these acts and scenarios also happen to be things you’d like to try in real life if you had the chance?

Trust and Connection

There are definitely those out there who are capable of having satisfying anonymous sex with total strangers, but that isn’t for everyone. Women especially tend to like sex most when it’s with someone they trust and with whom they’ve built a high level of emotional intimacy. The more you trust your partner and the closer you feel to them in general, the more enjoyable sex will become.

Greater levels of intimacy in the bedroom start outside of the bedroom. Make it a point to spend as much time as possible connecting on a one-to-one basis with your partner. No kids. No friends. No family members. Just the two of you doing something awesome you both enjoy (and while that can be sex, it definitely doesn’t have to be). Feel free to actually schedule your date nights and quality time if it’s easier. Just make them a priority the way you would anything else this important.

Presence in the Moment

If you’re like most people, the chances are excellent that you’re perpetually busy and possibly under a lot of stress. Under circumstances like those, it’s easy to get distracted and to have trouble making enough time for relaxing activities that help you unwind, decompress, and re-center. It can even be hard to focus properly on making love to your partner, especially when it comes to enjoying yourself.

Try starting evenings you plan on being intimate with your partner on a note that puts you in the right headspace first. Take a hot bath, spend some time meditating, listen to relaxing music, or do whatever else you do when you need to recover your equilibrium. The more relaxed you are when it’s time to have sex, the easier it will be to become aroused and lose yourself in the moment. Try it and see!