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8 Completely Untrue Things You Might Still Believe About Sex

8 Completely Untrue Things You Might Still Believe About Sex

Posted at May 8, 2019 10:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Despite the fact that nearly everyone does it, thinks about it, or obsesses over it, humans as a collective believe a lot of erroneous things about sex. This phenomenon is by no means limited to teenagers or the very inexperienced. There are plenty of intelligent adults, married people, and self-proclaimed sex connoisseurs that still buy into commonly held sex myths.

Long-held false beliefs about sex are often at the root of common intimacy issues people face as grown adults. These are just a few sex myths most people are guilty of buying into to some extent.

1. All women have the ability to reach orgasm through intercourse alone.

Even though people are more open about sex than ever before, this stubborn myth still persist. Many believe that there are two types of women – those that are able to orgasm from intercourse alone and those that simply haven’t learned how yet. In actuality, a mere 20-30% of women can experience orgasm during intercourse without any additional stimulation and even those lucky few don’t necessarily do so every time. In other words, you’re perfectly normal despite the fact that you usually need a hand (or a tongue, or a vibrator) to help you achieve your own big O.

If that’s the case, consider taking a couple’s sex toy for a spin sometime. Vibrating cock rings, wearable vibrators, and more can take a lot of the guesswork and effort out of the female orgasm when it’s time to get down and dirty. Many are also specially designed to enhance the experience for him, so they’re definitely worth getting excited about. Couple’s toys can help keep things lively and fresh in the bedroom as well.

2. It’s impossible for a man to have multiple orgasms.

    If you’re a woman (or someone that likes having sex with women) and haven’t yet had a sexual experience involving multiple female orgasms, chances are excellent that you really want to someday. Multiple orgasms are considered by many to be the hallmark of excellent sex and with good reason. Who wouldn’t love for their female partner to come multiple times and what woman wouldn’t welcome it?

    Just don’t make the mistake of thinking multiple orgasms only happen to women. Men are actually very capable of having multiple orgasms as well. They just have to work at it a little. Interested men can start by researching Tantric sex and studying the techniques in detail. With enough understanding and practice, they too can experience the magic of multiple orgasms.

    3. Women don’t like or watch porn.

      Watching other people get busy may be something society thinks only men enjoy, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Many women not only enjoy porn but watch it on the regular. Plenty even enjoy masturbating to it to the same degree men do. Women are sexual beings and porn can be an excellent way to explore fantasies, enhance solo pleasure time, and get new ideas for partnered lovemaking.

      Women in general may be more likely to keep their love of porn a secret due to possible social stigma or fear their partners wouldn’t approve. They’re also statistically more likely to favor porn that emphasizes the emotional connection between partners or features better, more cohesive storylines.

      4. Women don’t like anal either.

        It’s a common misconception that anal sex is something men like, and women merely tolerate to keep their male partners happy. However, the anal region is packed with sensitive nerve endings. When approached carefully and properly, anal play up to and including penetrative anal sex can be immensely pleasurable for women. Some women have even reported orgasming via anal sex, so it’s definitely worth a try if it appeals to you.

        The key to great anal is to use plenty of lube and to take things slowly. Many people find it helpful to work their way up to anal intercourse by experimenting with a finger or a small anal toy first. Anal training kits containing lots of options to play with can be fun ways to explore the possibilities alone or with a partner.

        5. Men are all about sex while women are all about relationships.

          There are definitely men out there that are only interested in having as much sex as possible. There are women out there that are solely relationship focused as well. However, it’s important to realize that no two people are exactly alike. There are plenty of men that dream of finding that special someone and lots of women that prefer casual, no-strings-attached sex, but social expectations may prevent them from being open about it.

          It’s also important to realize that people aren’t static beings. Most change as far as what they’re looking for from their sex life several times over the course of their lifetime. Plenty of people, male and female, go from wanting to play the field sexually to wanting to settle down with just one person and vice versa.

          6. A man needs to have a large penis in order to satisfy his female partner.

            Yes, there are women out there that are size queens and only interested in getting down with well-endowed men. That doesn’t mean a large penis is absolutely necessary to make intercourse satisfying for a woman though. Some of the most sensitive areas of woman’s vagina are located near the vaginal entrance – within just a couple of inches. That means even a very small penis can still do the job.

            Foreplay is another important factor and there’s certainly no particular size penis required for that. In the event a man still feels insecure about his penis size or would like to play with size just for fun, there are sex toys like penis extenders and hollow dildos that can help.

            7. If you use your vibrator too much, you can become addicted.

              Vibrators can be wonderful for a woman to take ownership of her own pleasure, get to know her body better, and take the guesswork out of achieving orgasm. They can also be fun ways to spice things up and take some of the pressure off your partner during sexy time. Some people believe that vibrators are too effective – so effective that a woman can become addicted to hers and lose the ability to orgasm any other way. You won’t get addicted to your vibrator no matter how often you use it.

              8. If you need lubricant, you’re not truly aroused.

                There are plenty of men and women that believe a fully aroused woman is always dripping wet. Less natural lubrication means she’s either not as turned on as she should be or that something’s wrong with her. Of course, this isn’t true. Some women may get super wet when they’re raring to go, but this isn’t the case for everyone, nor is it every single time.

                Lots of factors can affect the amount of natural lubrication a woman is producing. These include perfectly natural and normal reasons like pregnancy, menopause, illness, and cycle-related hormone fluctuations. Common medications like decongestants and antihistamines can affect lubrication too, as can dehydration.

                Lube is something that belongs in every sexually active person’s nightstand. Not only does lube help Mother Nature along when needed, but it can enhance the sexual experience in a number of ways. There are scented and flavored lubricants that can turn sex into a luxurious multi-sensory experience. There are lubes that warm to the touch, tingle, and more as well. Explore the possibilities today!