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Product Review: Le Trois Pour Moi Plus

Product Review: Le Trois Pour Moi Plus

Posted at Apr 21, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Although there’s no such thing as a bad orgasm, it goes without saying that they aren’t all created equally. Some are pretty good, while others are just okay. Then there are those next-level orgasms that are positively world-changing when they happen – the kind that makes you feel blissfully satisfied from head to toe.

Rabbit-style sex toys that treat you to multiple types of stimulation all at once are the best way to experience blended orgasms like these a lot more consistently. That’s where Le Trois Pour Moi Plus comes in. It takes multi-point stimulation to an entirely new level you’ll have to experience to believe.

Incredible Triple-Point Stimulation

Classic rabbit vibrators first introduced pleasure-seekers everywhere to the magic of blended orgasms by making simultaneous multi-point stimulation simple. They featured both an internal shaft and an external tickler, combining deep G-spot stimulation with reliable clitoral stimulation for next-level orgasms that were extra satisfying.

Le Trois Pour Moi Plus from Le Line’s Le Trois collection elevates your experience even further by adding a third stimulation point to the mix. In addition to a filling, angled inner arm and a perfectly positioned clitoral stimulator, Le Trois Pour Moi Plus features a beaded anal appendage to bring your back door into the mix as well. Perfect for anyone who loves what a little well-timed anal action does for a pleasure experience!

Powerful Multi-Function Motor

Of course, design counts for a lot when it comes to a good vibrator, but it’s not everything. A powerful motor capable of getting the job done right is also a must, and Le Trois Plus has you covered. Each of its three stimulation points features its own dedicated motor, making them all equally capable of awakening your sensitive nerve endings for maximum pleasure.

Your Le Trois Plus also features seven different vibration settings to explore and experiment with via a user-friendly touch-button control interface. Pick your favorite and stick with it, or add nuance to your play sessions by exploring your way through several (or all) of them. With Le Trois Pour Moi Plus in your corner, you’re the one in the driver’s seat.

Ultra-Premium Silicone

If you’ve owned your share of different vibrators over the years, then you probably already know that some toy materials convey sensation much more efficiently than others. Harder, less pliable materials like plastic or metal create a buzzier feeling, which can be pleasant in its own way. Softer jellies and rubbers deliver a deeper, more penetrating experience. However, nothing beats silicone when it comes to getting things just right.

Le Trois Plus is made of ultra-premium silicone for perfect pleasure every time. It conveys vibrations in such a way that they rumble and penetrate, making them incredibly satisfying. It also features a velvety, petal-like surface that glides effortlessly across your skin for a comfortable, natural-feeling experience from start to finish. And, of course, it’s 100 percent body-safe, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re taking excellent care of your sexual health.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Like all of the exceptional toys Le Line is famous for, Le Trois Plus is more than just innovative and powerful. It’s also designed to fit seamlessly into your life on every level, so you’re always free to play the way you want to.

  • Le Trois Plus is completely waterproof, so don’t be afraid to slip it into your shower bag for some naughty fun. Add a little oomph to your morning routine by using it in the shower, make your next bubble bath extra relaxing, or treat yourself to a quick and dirty orgasm the next time you’re hanging out in the pool or the sauna.
  • It’s fully rechargeable and cordless, so keeping your favorite toy all juiced up is as simple and instinctual as charging your phone. No cords to cramp your style and no batteries to worry about keeping on hand!
  • The motors that power your Le Trois Plus may be powerful, but they’re also whisper-quiet, so your pleasure time is always private and confidential.

Life’s too short not to have a really exceptional rabbit vibe in your collection, and Le Trois Plus is second to none. Try it, and see for yourself!