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Product Review: Passions Carbon Kegel Balls

Product Review: Passions Carbon Kegel Balls

Posted at Apr 8, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

You may not be able to see your pelvic floor muscles when you look in the mirror the way you can your pecs or your biceps, but you’ll benefit from keeping them strong and toned all the same. Making sure to include Kegels in your daily routine can drastically improve your sexual health, as well as make actual sex a lot more satisfying.

You don’t have to stick to doing your Kegels the old-fashioned way unless you want to though. The right set of Kegel balls can take the guesswork out of the process, as well as add the incentive of some added pleasure to the mix. Here’s a closer look at what Kegel balls in general bring to the table, as well as why Passions Carbon Kegel Balls are an especially good choice.

What Are Kegel Balls and Why Should You Use Them?

Also known as Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls in their simplest form are round, insertable weights that are worn inside the vagina to strengthen both the vaginal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor. (Think of them as mini dumbbells for your nether regions!) They can also be highly pleasurable to use and wear in their own right. You’ll sometimes hear Kegel balls referred to as Venus balls, pleasure balls, or similar for that reason.

Using Kegel balls regularly delivers all the same strengthening benefits you’ll get from doing traditional clench-and-release Kegels. Examples include (but aren’t necessarily limited to) the following:

  • A vaginal canal that feels tighter and stronger, both to you and to your partner.
  • Stronger, more powerful orgasms and increased sensitivity during intimate play.
  • Faster recovery from pregnancy and/or childbirth.
  • A lowered risk of developing urinary incontinence for any reason, including aging.

The weighted nature of Kegel balls can make these benefits easier to achieve. Many models – including Carbon Balls from Passions – are further enhanced with features that stimulate the wearer sexually in several ways.

Why Make Passions Carbon Kegel Balls Your Choice?

Most people who decide to add Kegel balls to their normal routine are indeed interested in the benefits that come with a super-strong pelvic floor. However, they’re just as interested in the pleasure benefits. This unique option from the celebrated Passions collection was designed with pleasure seekers and toy lovers alike in mind.

Simple but Effective

People who are new to using Ben Wa balls often worry about user-friendliness. How hard will the balls be to insert and remove? Is there a big learning curve involved? How can you be sure you’re using them properly and reaping all the benefits as a result?

Passions Carbon Kegel Balls are designed to be as foolproof and user-friendly as possible, so you’re never left scratching your head and wondering whether you’re using them correctly. Two beautifully balanced weighted balls are housed inside a smooth silicone sleeve that guarantees they’re perfectly spaced for maximum effectiveness and personal pleasure.

They’re a real cinch to insert and remove as well. The smoothness of the silicone makes slipping them into place nearly effortless. An ergonomic loop is built into the non insertive end to make removing both balls when you’re ready just as simple.

Comfortable and Pleasurable

Passions Carbon Kegel Balls are ergonomically designed to be comfortable and practical to wear under any circumstances you like. Some users prefer to slip them into place while they’re at home and wear them as they complete their daily routine. This makes taking care of your daily Kegel exercises easy, effortless, and fun, not to mention very pleasurable. The balls are designed to stimulate you as you move around naturally, so they’re a great way to make even the most mundane household chores more enjoyable.

Both the balls and the silicone sleeve that holds them are body-safe, so you never have to worry about them harming your health. That means the length of time for which you wear your balls is completely up to you. Most users start with shorter wear periods until they develop some muscle strength and get used to them. Then they gradually increase the length of their wear sessions.

Veteran Ben Wa ball lovers have been known to wear theirs throughout the bulk of their day. Some people even challenge themselves to wear them out of the house to run errands, go out to dinner, and more. Your Passions balls are even waterproof, so feel free to wear them into the tub or the shower if you like.

Make these incredible little balls from Passions a part of your vaginal fitness routine, and prepare to be amazed. You’ll feel tighter, experience significantly improved vaginal tone, and have significantly more powerful orgasms. Your partner will love how sleek and snug you feel as well. Get started today and experience the difference!