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Sexy Selfies 101: How to Take Sizzling Shots Anytime and Anywhere

Sexy Selfies 101: How to Take Sizzling Shots Anytime and Anywhere

Posted at Nov 4, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

There’s nothing like a smoking hot selfie to spice up an otherwise lackluster day. Receiving sexy selfies makes you feel ten feet tall – desired, wanted, and more than a little bit horny. Taking one and seeing how incredible you look in it can be lots of fun, not to mention a significant ego boost – especially if it’s well-received by the intended recipient.

Now, if only it were easier to get that sexy, smoldering look just right every time instead of once in a blue moon! Believe it or not, it’s possible to nail it more often than not, even if you’re taking your selfies on the fly or in less than ideal settings. Here’s how you can level up your own selfie game in no time flat.

Upgrade your underwear.

There are a couple of reasons why what you’re wearing under your clothing matters when it comes to your sexy selfies game. The first is practical. If your underwear is always on point, you’re always ahead of the game when an excellent opportunity to get your partner’s attention presents itself. Even if you can’t strip down entirely or get more graphic, you can still offer them a little peek of something juicy.

The second has to do with the way sexy underwear changes your mindset. Even if no one ever sees what you’ve got on under your clothes that day, you know it’s there, and it makes you walk a little taller with a swagger in your step. Remember, sex appeal and a smoking hot attitude start in the mind first.

Find your best poses.

The key to taking great pictures, the sexy kind or otherwise, is knowing which angles are your best ones. The best way to do this is to spend a little time trying a few out in front of a full-length mirror. If you feel silly doing it at first, know that it’s something you have in common with every gorgeous Instagram model you envy, whether they talk about it or not.

When you’ve identified a few go-to poses that really make you look your best, it’s time to add a camera and see how they look on film. Then practice, practice, practice. Try a few shots with toys or other props. Play with costumes. Have fun and be creative! Taking amazing photographs is a skill, and like any skill, it needs to be developed.

Understand the importance of lighting.

Lighting often makes all the difference between a good shot and a spectacular one, so you’ll want to cultivate a habit of paying attention to it. You don’t want your photos to be too dark, but allowing for some shadows and contrast can be a great way to emphasize your shape. Never use the flash, as it washes photos out and makes them unappealing.

When in doubt, opt for natural light – especially the kind you experience at dawn or dusk. It has a way of making everyone look their best. Experiment with the available light sources in rooms or locations where you often take sexy selfies to see which options are best. Consider investing in a selfie light to help you get the lighting just right when all else fails. That way, you’re always prepared.

Take the time to get in the mood.

Don’t sweat it if you find it challenging to look hot and ready at the drop of a hat. Many people find it helpful to set the mood first, especially when they’re new to taking sexier shots. It’s a great way to loosen up, get into things, and really nail that come-hither look that’s so hard to fake.

If you’re talking to your partner at the time, try taking things slow and getting the ball rolling for both of you with a little dirty talk and X-rated texting. If you’re on your own, try putting on some sexy music, reading some erotica, or maybe watching a few minutes of your favorite porn to get into the right headspace.

Always take what your partner likes into account.

It’s okay to take a few shots that you like when it’s sexy selfies time, but don’t lose sight of the fact that getting your partner all hot and bothered is a large part of the point. That said, make sure you’re taking enough shots of what you know they like to see. For instance, maybe you’re not a fan of your backside viewed from a certain angle, but you know it drives your partner wild. Try seeing yourself through their eyes. You might eventually come to understand what it is they find so sexy.

If your partner hasn’t expressly said which parts of you they like ogling the most, think about where their hands and eyes spend the most time when you’re in bed together. Surprise them with some shots of those areas paired with a few sexy words. Then enjoy the effect it has on your sex life!