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18 Interesting Things You May Not Know About Sex Toys

18 Interesting Things You May Not Know About Sex Toys

Posted at Jul 31, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you’re a sex enthusiast, then you don’t need to be told the right toys can change your intimate life for the better. They can help you get to know your own body better. They can introduce you to a wealth of completely new sensations and they can enhance your sexual relationship with a partner in a variety of ways as well.

Even so, there’s likely a lot you don’t know about sex toys. Let’s take a closer look at some fun, interesting, and downright fascinating facts about some of your favorites.

1. The Origins of the Vibrator

    It’s hypothesized that vibrators were invented specifically to treat “hysteria” in women. It makes for interesting reading, even if it’s only a theory.

    The world’s first electrical vibrator was invented by doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville and used for treating a wide variety of ailments in both man and women including hysteria, arthritis, constipation, and inflammations.

    2. On the Shape of the Rabbit

      When it comes to vibrators, it’s probably hard to think of one that’s more famous than the Rabbit. Even so, most people have no idea where the idea to model a vibe after a cute, furry little animal came from.

      The Rabbit originated in Japan, a country where it’s illegal to create or manufacture sex toys that are shaped like penises, or otherwise resemble them. Apparently it made sense to someone on Team Rabbit to get around the law by shaping their toy like a bunny instead.

      3. Sex Toys and the Recession

        What would you give up to help make ends meet if the economy’s tanking and funds are tight? If you’re like most Americans, you wouldn’t mind cutting back on Starbucks or giving up your bimonthly manicures. Giving up sex toys would be out of the question though. If anything, you’d be willing to spend more on yours.

        In 2009, sales of popular vibrators didn’t just hold steady during the recession according to major sex toy retailers. They actually went up in many cases – sometimes by as much as 17%.

        4. Vibrator Popularity

          You already know that vibrators are popular. However, you may not know just how popular. Think of any two women you know – your best friend, your boss, your mother, or your neighbor.

          According to a recent study on vibrator usage, one out of every two women totally gets her buzz on, so if it’s not one of the two women you pictured, the chances are excellent that it’s the other.

          5. Universal Appeal

            Most people tend to assume that vibrators are used exclusively by females for solo play. It’s further assumed that if men consider vibrators at all, they’re either intimidated or disgusted by them. In actuality, that’s not quite true.

            About 81% of women have actually brought their vibrators into bed to use with a male partner. Over 70% of men have also expressly said they’re comfortable with the idea of sex toys. There are many men that love using sex toys, including vibrators, on their own as well.

            6. Happy Valentine’s Day

              If you think that everyone’s go-to Valentine’s Day gift of choice is candy or flowers, you might want to think again. An overwhelming number of people think a vibrator or other sex toy makes a much better gift and we’d have to agree.

              According to several studies, sex toy sales go up by as much as 50% in the month of February. Yet another survey states that one out of every five people makes plans to use their sex toy with their partner on Valentine’s Day. Good vibrations indeed!

              7. Healthy and Happy Vajayjays

                Science has already made the connection between regular orgasms and a longer life span, but did you know there’s also a correlation between vibrator use and healthy vaginas? It’s true!

                One study found women that use vibrators on the regular were not only more likely to have visited their gynecologist for a check-up in the last year, but they were more likely to have performed a self-checkup in the past 30 days as well. Women that are comfortable using vibrators may also be more comfortable not only checking themselves out, but putting themselves on display for their doctors.

                8. Most Popular Sex Accessory

                  If we asked you what you think the most popular type of sex product out there is, what would you say? If you’d guess lube, then you’d be correct. It flies off the shelves at many times the rate of any other pleasure product.

                  9. Time-Honored Traditions

                    Think sex toys are a relatively modern invention? Think again! They’ve not only been around a long time, but they’re older than recorded history. The oldest known dildo was unearthed in a cave in Germany and is thought to be around 28,000 years old.

                    What’s more, “dildo bread sticks” were totally a thing in Ancient Greece. There are records of them having been used as long ago as 400 BC. Even Cleopatra herself loved sex toys. It’s said that she received a solid gold dildo from Julius Caesar as a gift once.

                    10. Household Staples

                      Speaking of history, vibrators have been considered a household must for quite some time – since the first electric vibrator was patented in 1902 by one Hamilton Beach, in fact. It is actually among the first electrified domestic appliances. Only the sewing machine, toaster, fan, and tea kettle have been around longer. It was even available in the Sears catalog by 1918, although it was sold as a “personal massager” for the sake of discretion!

                      11. Sex Toys and the Law

                        Even here in the 21st century, sex toys can still be hard to come by in certain parts of the world thanks to the letter of the law. For instance, sex toys are illegal in India, so think twice before you take your favorite dildo with you on your summer trip to Mumbai.

                        There are parts of the US that aren’t much more progressive. Sex toys are banned from sex shops in Alabama on the grounds that there’s no fundamental right that entitles Americans to sex toy ownership. You can own sex toys in Texas, but think twice before you start filling your toy chest. It’s illegal to own more than six dildos.

                        12. Famous Dildos

                          Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have sex with a porn star or other famous person? You can actually find out, if you’re so inclined, as realistic dildo replicas are totally a thing. Model examples include porn stars like Ron Jeremy and James Deen, as well as the members of the German band Rammstein.

                          13. Solid Gold Sex

                            How expensive would you suppose a truly top-of-the-line sex toy would be? Would you guess $55,000? That’s how much the most expensive sex toy in the world would set you back. It’s a white gold vibrator that features 117 embedded diamonds.

                            14. Fifty Shades and the Sex Toy Market

                              The Fifty Shades of Grey series was wildly popular, so it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that it’s inspired more than a few people to spice things up in the bedroom. However, you might be surprised by just how much of a boost it gave the sex toy industry.

                              Since Fifty Shades hit the scene, sales of bondage toys and gear have skyrocketed by more than 50%. Ben Wa balls have become even more popular with sales increasing by more than 350%.

                              15. Married with Vibrators

                                Most people assume that a woman is more likely to use a vibrator if she’s single. They’re also dead wrong. Married women are more than twice as likely to own and use a vibrator on a regular basis. About 78% of all women that admit to using sex toys also say they’re in relationships of one kind or another.

                                16. Clitoral vs Vaginal

                                  Anything goes when it comes to how you can use your favorite vibrator to pleasure yourself, but some approaches are more popular than others. 83.8% of women that pleasure themselves with a vibrator use it primarily for clitoral stimulation. 64% of all vibrator users actually insert theirs vaginally.

                                  17. Of Love and War

                                    The very first sex dolls first hit the scene around 1904. By the time WWII happened, they were used quite frequently during wartime as a way to alleviate “tension” felt by deployed troops. That’s one way to keep morale up, we suppose!

                                    18. State to State Use

                                      It might surprise you to know which states boast the highest per capita use of sex toys. (It’s definitely not the ones you think!) Think West Virginia, South Dakota, and Idaho.