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5 Smart Tips for Men Who Want to Have Better Sex This Year

5 Smart Tips for Men Who Want to Have Better Sex This Year

Posted at Jan 8, 2020 10:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Even a great sex life can always be better. Some guys may be interested in improving their performances or stamina, while others may be more interested in ensuring their partner’s good time. All guys can agree that there’s no such thing as “too good” when it comes to sex. Try integrating some of the following tips into your routine this year to make sure your sex life is all it can be.

1.      Hit the Gym

Let’s face it. There are more than a few people out there these days who really need to take fitness more seriously, and there’s no time like the start of a new year to kick things up a notch or two. If you need some extra motivation to lace up those jogging shoes sometime soon, how does a better sex life sound to you?

Getting into peak condition and staying that way makes you stronger, gives you more stamina, and improves flexibility – all assets that make you much better in bed. Your circulation will drastically improve, so you can look forward to harder, longer lasting erections and improved sensation. Your self-esteem and body image will soar as well. If your partner has similar goals for the new year, consider working out together to ensure both of you are in tip-top sexual condition going forward.

2.      Clean Up Your Diet

If you do elect to get healthier this year, it’s important to understand that diet and exercise go hand in hand. Make sure you support your exercise regimen and the ongoing health of your entire system with a nutritious, balanced diet. Every aspect of your life will improve, up to and including your sex life.

If you’re interested in tailoring your diet to support your sexual health in particular, focus on foods that help reduce cholesterol, promote a healthy heart, and improve circulation overall. Cut back on salt, sugar, and processed foods to the greatest extent possible. Instead, fill up on fresh produce, whole grains, and plenty of lean protein. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well.

3.      Take the Initiative

Most committed relationships have one partner who’s more committed to actually facilitating great sex than the other one. That’s the person who does things like carve out time for date nights, set the mood when it’s time to get busy, and create opportunities to be intimate when life inevitably gets hectic. Is this person you? If not, it’s time to think about flipping the script.

Surprise your partner by being the one to plan a romantic date or make room for more intimacy in your collective life together. Not only will they love that you took the time to do it in the first place, but they’ll enjoy knowing that all the effort they normally put in doesn’t go unnoticed or unreciprocated.

4.      Take a Break Now and Then

Looking for a surefire way to jumpstart your sex life and make lovemaking extra hot again? Try taking a break from sexual activity for a little longer than usual. (That goes for solo sessions in addition to partnered sex.) For example, if you normally have sex every day, wait a few days. A couple of times a week? Try taking it easy for one week.

Agreeing to abstain for a little while gives your hunger for each other a chance to build a little bit. Also, there’s nothing more tempting than forbidden fruit, right? Go ahead and entertain all those naughty fantasies while you wait. You’ll be that much more eager to get it on when the time finally comes.

5.      Embrace Variety

Lots of couples fall into sexual ruts sooner or later. They get to know each other’s bodies, they learn what works when it comes to reaching orgasm, and they slip into a routine. While it’s fine to simply do what’s comfortable some of the time, you’re both missing out if you don’t ever go out of your way to switch things up a little.

It really doesn’t take much beyond a little creativity and enthusiasm. Try a new position, switch up the location, or invest in something sexy for yourself or your partner to wear to bed. If you’re game for something a little more intense, see how your partner would feel about a little role playing, some sex toys to experiment with, a joint porn viewing session, or perhaps a little light bondage play. Anything goes, so long as you’re both on board with it.

At the end of the day, a little effort is really all it takes to upgrade your sex life a notch or two. How do you and your partner plan on making your sex life all it can be in the new year to come?