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5 Travel Friendly Sex Toys That Should Be in Everyone’s Suitcase

5 Travel Friendly Sex Toys That Should Be in Everyone’s Suitcase

Posted at Oct 9, 2019 09:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Summer may be over for the year, but that doesn’t mean travel season is. Whether you and your partner like to sneak away in the fall for the occasional weekend getaway or are planning a holiday season out of town visiting family this year, you naturally don’t want to put your spicy sex life on hold while you’re away. The following are just a few travel friendly sex toys you may want to consider adding to your collection and taking along wherever your travels may take you in the months to come.

1. Vibense Mini Power Wand

    There’s nothing like a wand massager when it comes to sheer versatility. Not only are wands powerful enough to take the guesswork out of your next orgasm, but they’re just as useful for working the kinks out of tired, aching muscles after a long day on your feet or jaunting from airport to airport.  However, most standard wands are nothing if not a little unwieldy.

    The Vibense Mini Power Wand is everything you love about your go-to wand in a portable package that’s totally travel friendly. At just five inches long, it fits easily into your suitcase without taking up the whole thing. However, it’s also cordless, waterproof, and whisper quiet, so it’s perfect for taking (and using) on the go.

    2. Dazzle Purple Bullet

      If you’re traveling with children, on the move with a large group of friends, or staying with family, then it goes without saying that you need any toys you bring with you to break the mold when it comes to discretion. Trust us when we say it doesn’t get much more low key than the Dazzle Bullet as far as travel friendly sex toys goes. It’s a handy, portable vibrator can fit in the palm of your hand and could easily be mistaken for a lip balm, so it couldn’t be easier to take it along absolutely anywhere without anyone being the wiser.

      Just plop it in your purse, or clutch, or even in your pocket. Take it out and enjoy it for the powerful mini vibrator that it is absolutely anytime and anywhere. When it’s time to give it some more juice, all you have to do is plug it into any USB port so it’s ready to go again in no time. Easy, convenient, and so sexy.

      3. Kama Sutra Erotic Play Set

        Your dedication to erotic play doesn’t have to fall by the wayside just because you’re traveling. You just need a collection of absolute essentials that’s ready to go when you are. This handy travel kit from Kama Sutra comes complete with everything you need to keep your partner in line whether it’s for the first time or the fiftieth!

        This sexy set from Kama Sutra is easy to stuff in a bag and includes all the basics needed for your amazing play. These include 12 Kama Sutra play cards, Pleasure Balm Spearmint, Oil of Love – The Original, and Love Liquid Classic. It even comes with an attractive spanking crom and a Ignite Massage Candle to help you set the mood. 

        4. Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager

          When you’re on the go, it pays to reach for items that are not only compact, but versatile enough to do a wide variety of different jobs. This is no less the case with sex toys, you’ll definitely want to look twice at this portable mini massager from the Mini Marvels collection. Buttery smooth, easy to maintain silicone is shaped in such a way that’s it’s perfect for stimulating multiple body parts from your clit, to his shaft, to all your secret sweet spots.

          It’s also made with easy, discreet travel in mind. To begin with, it comes equipped with a security travel lock, so you can officially stop worrying about it switching on in your suitcase at the worst possible time. It also charges quickly and conveniently via any USB port, so you can easily give it some extra juice anytime you have a chance. 

          5. Spank Provocateur Bed Coupler Restraints

            Do you and your lover like to engage in a little light bondage play now and then? Are you new to bondage, but into the idea of spicing up your next romantic getaway with a little something new? Make this all-in-one plush lover’s kit from Spank Provocateur a part of your plans.

            Your kit already comes complete with everything you need to fully explore the wide, wonderful world of restraint – wrist restraints, connectors, and tethers. It even comes with a sexy little blindfold in case you’d like to play with sight deprivation as well. No worrying about what to buy and wondering whether or not the items you chose will work well together. This is a beautifully matched set that just so happens to be travel friendly as well. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?