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How to Start Roleplaying with a Partner

How to Start Roleplaying with a Partner

Posted at Jul 27, 2022 12:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Everyone can think of a couple of favorite steamy love scenes from movies that have always epitomized the concept of sexiness for them. Maybe those scenes were part of your sexual awakening as a horny teenager, or perhaps one of them is what first gave you the idea to try a new favorite activity on for size. But have you ever stopped to wonder why exactly they were so powerful in the first place?

Part of it is the way movie sex scenes let you indulge yourself in a little sweet escapism. You know you’re watching actors and that what you see isn’t real. But that’s what’s so great about it – it’s a fantasy come to life for your personal enjoyment. Roleplaying in the bedroom can offer you a similar experience, so it’s well worth trying at some point.

Discuss the possibilities with your partner

If you and your partner have discussed roleplaying before, you may already know how you’d like to go about things. But if you haven’t, you’ll want to discuss it thoroughly before going ahead with anything.

For one thing, consent is super important when it comes to any type of sex play, so it’s always best to check in with a partner to see how they feel about something new before making any actual plans to try it. Roleplaying is fun, sexy, and harmless, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everyone.

Also, roleplaying is at its best when you take the time to plan ahead, especially if you’re both new to it. Once you get a routine going and establish a few favorite go-to scenarios, you can try being more spontaneous from time to time.

Start small and build from there

Roleplaying is like many other alternative sex practices in that no two people are alike regarding how they approach it. For example, the movies may have you convinced that if you’re interested in French maid fantasies, you need to take yours the whole nine yards – elaborate costumes, detailed script, fake French accent, and all.

However, the truth is there’s no one right way to roleplay. Start small and casual. Give yourself and your partner a chance to figure out what works best for you. Don’t worry about turning in an Oscar-winning performance that pulls out all the stops. There’s plenty of time to add more to your routine later.

It’s okay to laugh and make it fun

Roleplaying doesn’t have to be super serious business, and it’s probably better if it isn’t at first. Acting while you let your imagination run wild is fun. Sex is fun, as is exploring new ways to connect with your partner.

So don’t worry about it if you initially feel a little silly. It’s okay to laugh and embrace that as part of the experience, as well. Roleplaying is like anything else worth doing in life. The more you do it and the more practice you get, the better you become at it.

It’s also Okay to really go for it

Many couples who discover they’re really into roleplaying also enjoy going for broke with their scenarios. And that’s okay, too, so don’t be afraid to really get into things if that turns out to be the case for you, too.

Remember, roleplaying is your permission to channel your inner actress and experience a little piece of that fantasy movie magic for yourself. Have fun creating your roles to your heart’s content – sexy costumes, character backstories, and all. Make things feel more real by setting the scene with unique décor or adding fun props and toys to the mix, as well.

Switch things up

Part of the beauty of roleplaying is that it can become anything you’d like to be as often as you’d like to change things up. So don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities and try different scenarios. Remember, playing a role is about more than just wearing a costume or reciting some choice lines.

Experiment with power dynamics or play with gender roles. Meet up in public, pretend to be total strangers, and let your evening play out however it will. Try hopping on Skype and pretending you’re in a long-distance relationship or using a photographer/model scenario as an excellent excuse for a sexy photo shoot.

You can even use roleplaying to flirt with the idea of non-monogamy without stepping outside your relationship. Just be sure to check in with a partner first to ensure they’re on board, as well as follow up with them after to make sure they’re happy and comfortable with everything that happened.

At the end of the day, your future life as a sexy roleplaying enthusiast is whatever you and your partner want to make it. Don’t be afraid to fully embrace it!