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Product Review: Velskin Clint

Product Review: Velskin Clint

Posted at Feb 12, 2020 11:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

You might be hard-pressed to find any toy that’s exactly like a realistic penis, the right dildo can certainly come close. You just need to know what separates the truly exceptional options from all the rest. Any toy designer can come up with an insertable toy that can stand in for a real cock in a pinch, but it takes an artist to create a masterpiece.

That said, Velskin isn’t just any toy manufacturer that knows a thing or two about dildos. It’s a top-tier label known for creating high quality, versatile dildos that both look and feel like the real thing in all the right ways. Here’s a closer look at what one of their most popular options – the Velskin Clint – brings to the table. We’ll go over why realistic dildos in general are well worth exploring as well.

Why Choose a Realistic Dildo?

There are hundreds of different sex toys out there that are penetrative in nature, so what makes a realistic dildo so special? The fact of the matter is an erect human penis is shaped the way it is for a reason. Its natural features are ideal for filling you up and stimulating you unlike anything else. Realistic dildos take these features and add to them, making them even better than the real thing in some ways.

Velskin Clint
  • Sculpted designs enhance many mouthwatering natural features for enhanced pleasure — like shaft veining, helmet-shaped heads, G-spot or P-spot pleasing curvatures, and realistic testicles.
  • Realistic dildos strike a lifelike balance between firm and flexible, just like flesh and blood cocks do, but they’re always
  •  hard, hungry, and ready when you are.
  • You can find out what it would feel like to go bigger or smaller, try a different shape on for size, or to explore your ultimate fantasy.

In other words, realistic dildos open pleasure seekers up to a whole new world of possibilities to explore, and the Velskin Clint is much better than average in this regard.

The Highest Quality Silicone

Silicone is among the most popular sex toy materials for some very good reasons. It’s body-safe and hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for absolutely anyone to use, no matter how sensitive their bodies may be. It’s durable. And it’s easy to clean and a snap to take care of over time as well. It also conveys sensation beautifully, so it’s no wonder so many people consider it the next best thing to real skin.

Velskin takes everything pleasure lovers already like about silicone and make it even better. The Clint is made of Velskin’s own Vel-Ultra silicone, a material that’s positively uncanny when it comes to that realistic feeling your body craves. It’s soft and silky on the outside, but hard and firm on the inside, all while remaining flexible in a way that’s eerily similar to a real cock. You’ll love the way the Clint moves with your body, caressing every curve and nuance of your most intimate areas as you play and enjoy.

Stunning Sculpted Design

If there’s one thing Velskin understands very well about today’s toy lovers, it’s that no two are exactly alike when it comes to what the cock of their dreams looks and feels like. Some love theirs huge, while others prefer dimensions that are a bit more modest. There are those that do (or don’t) like them curvy, girthy, lengthy, or unusual as well.

The Clint was designed to please those who love their (real or fake) cocks meaty, juicy, and filling. It’s long, girthy, and cleverly curved at just the right angle for hitting all your hidden sweet spots. Sculpted details like an extra-veiny shaft, a lifelike head, and beautifully realistic balls add even more to your experience.

Versatile and User-Friendly

The true test of any one dildo’s potential is definitely how versatile it ultimately is. Is there really only one way you can enjoy your toy, or is it designed in a way that opens the door to endless possibilities? The Clint is definitely the latter, so the only limits set on how you can play with it are those set by your imagination.

In addition to being able to enjoy your Clint the old-fashioned way, you can load it into your favorite harness and experiment to your heart’s content with a partner. Explore your wildest, kinkiest fantasies in stunning detail, or add it to the mix when you’re simply in the mood to push a few boundaries. Whatever your pleasure, the Clint is definitely up to the task of rubbing you the right way.

At the end of the day, no toy collection can be considered complete until at least one option like the Velskin Clint is part of the mix. Play with size, explore your fantasies, and experience the ultimate pleasure today!