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Sex Toys for Men: Why You Should Be Using Them and Where to Start

Sex Toys for Men: Why You Should Be Using Them and Where to Start

Posted at Mar 17, 2017 06:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you’re a man that’s brand new to sex toys, the chances are pretty good that you view them a certain way. For instance, you probably take it for granted that they’re only for women. If you’re at all curious about bringing them into the bedroom yourself, you’re likely interested because you want sex to be more pleasurable for your female partner.

While it’s true that toys do make it easier for a woman to orgasm, she’s not the only one that can benefit when you add toys to the mix. Sex toys can open up entirely new sexual worlds for men as well. Here we’ll take a closer look at why a good collection of sex toys is something every man should consider. We’ll give you some suggestions as to where to start yours as well.

Why Don’t More Men Use Sex Toys?

The concept of the sex toy is hardly a new one. In fact, people have been getting themselves off using various objects since the beginning of recorded history. What is newer is the honest way sex-positive people have learned to approach sex. This is especially the case for women.

When the 1990’s brought us Sex and the City, people were shocked and surprised at the show’s trademark frank depictions of female sexuality, masturbation, and self-love. The characters unapologetically used sex toys, talked about sex, and discussed their bodies. It wasn’t long before real women were doing the same. Taboos surrounding these topics began to break down and today’s women are freely encouraged to be open about sex as a result.

Unfortunately, straight men haven’t yet experienced anything similar. That said, outmoded social more often continue to make males feel ashamed of masturbating or being interested in sex toys. In actuality though, a man has every reason to enjoy sex, either with a partner or by himself. Male sex toys can help him make sure he gets the absolute most out of the experience.

8 Awesome Ways Sex Toys Improve a Man’s Sex Life

The unique sensations sex toys bring to the table don’t just feel good to vaginas, clits, and vulvas. Trust us when we say penises and testicles respond just as favorably. Sex toys don’t just make solo play a lot more fun either. They can help make you a better lover to your partner as well. Let us count the ways!

  1. Your hand finally gets a break

Every so often, you’re just really in the mood for a quick orgasm when your partner’s not around or not in the mood. Of course you can just use your hand, but toys bring enough to the table that they’re well worth keeping around as an alternative.

Male-oriented sex toys like masturbation sleeves are awesome ways to explore some new sensations while giving your hand a much-needed break. Some are designed to mimic the sensation of actual vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse. Others are capable of introducing you to entirely new ways to feel pleasure. Still more are made to feel exactly like extra-tight female openings, like the space between a woman’s breasts, and more.

  1. You get to upgrade as far as your masturbation style

As touched on above, masturbation doesn’t have to be seen as something shameful. Your sexual urge doesn’t have to be seen as an annoying itch that occasionally needs to be scratched either. Seeing solo play as a fun experience to be enjoyed and savored for its own sake is a great way to push back against the shame society trains men to feel in regards to their sexuality.

Choosing toys, lubes, and other items that serve no other purpose beyond making you feel good is an excellent start. For instance, you wouldn’t use hand lotion when you need to lubricate a door hinge or an engine part. Why use it to pleasure yourself when a nice lube would make so much more sense?

  1. Sex toys can make you bigger and harder

If you’re like most guys, you like being as big and hard as possible when it’s time to get down and dirty with your partner. That said, sex toys come attached to lots of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Some of them are designed specifically to enhance your manhood in ways you’ll really like.

A simple cock ring is just one example. Cock rings are worn around the scrotum or the base of the penis to trap blood inside the shaft. The result is a rock hard erection that’s as big, as hard, and as long-lasting as you could ever hope for. You can even add a little buzz to your lovemaking by choosing a vibrating cock ring. Yes, she’ll love it… but so will you. Try it and see!

  1. Sex toys can make you last longer

Options like cock rings don’t just make you harder and bigger. They make you last longer as well. That said, if you’ve always fantasized about becoming the kind of guy that can rock his partner’s world for record stretches at a time, you need a well-stocked toy chest.

There are also options out there like desensitizing lubes that can help keep you from finishing too soon. Additional toys like vibrators and dildos make it easy to switch things up whenever you want to or need to as well.

  1. Sex toys let you and your partner explore new sensations

Even couples that are crazy about each other and totally in sync sexually occasionally hit a wall when it comes to sex. Maybe you really, really like anal but she’s just seriously not into it. Or maybe she likes getting head a little more often than you like giving it. Perhaps one of you just has a much higher sex drive than the other.

Collectively speaking, sex toys can deliver when it comes to absolutely any sensation either of you is in the mood for. There are toys that perfectly mimic the sensations associated with anal sex, cunnilingus, and more. Plus, any one of your favorites makes a great go-to when one of you just isn’t in the mood.

  1. You get to know your body better

One of the biggest reasons a woman might buy a sex toy is to learn more about her own body and how it responds to different types of stimulation. She can learn what kinds of touch make her orgasm. She can simply concentrate on the sensations without the pressure or anxiety that can come with trying to orgasm in front of a partner. Best of all, she can use everything she learns to become a better lover and enjoy partnered sex a lot more.

Men can benefit from this same experience. Curious about how it might feel to be penetrated, but not quite ready to ask your partner to consider pegging you? Want to develop your ability to delay orgasm so you can last longer in bed? Interested in exploring something a little bit taboo without fear of judgment? Sex toys can help you with all of those things and then some.

  1. You open the door to a whole new world full of bedroom possibilities

Sex toys don’t just help you take your solo game to the next level. When you bring them into the bedroom with your partner, there’s suddenly this whole new world filled with sensations and activities to explore together.

For instance, the two of you can enjoy some seriously hot mutual masturbation sessions when you use your toys together. Couples toys that are designed to be worn during intercourse can enhance the experience for both of you. When and if you’re ready, options like butt plugs, bondage gear, finger vibrators, and nipple clamps can present you with even more new experiences to get excited about. With a full toy chest in your bedroom, the only limits to what you can experience are the ones dictated by your imaginations!

  1. You can help long-distance relationships maintain their sizzle

It goes without saying that plenty of active, mutually satisfying sex is a must when it comes to keeping a relationship happy and healthy. Naturally you don’t want to be physically apart from your partner for any longer than you absolutely have to, but sometimes life demands it anyway. Sex toys can help take the guesswork out of keeping things hot if you’re long-distance, either temporarily or indefinitely. As you can see, you have a lot to gain from making sex toys a part of your own sexual repertoire and nothing whatsoever to lose. Start building your own toy chest today! We guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.