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5 Great Reasons to Have Kinkier Sex and More of It

5 Great Reasons to Have Kinkier Sex and More of It

Posted at Dec 1, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Once upon a time, just about anything beyond standard vanilla sex was considered strictly for sexual deviants, but those days are quickly fading in the rearview mirror. Social phenomena (like the Fifty Shades of Grey series, to name just one) combined with a growing general curiosity in kink has found more people than ever taking a walk on the spicy side.

According to one survey conducted by Marie Claire after Fifty Shades first swept the nation, more than 85 percent of American adults had at least explored bondage and other forms of kink. And, as it turns out, kinky sex isn’t just fun. It’s also really good for you in many pleasantly surprising ways. Here are some great reasons to give it a try yourself.

1.      It’s excellent stress management.

If you have much sex, solo or otherwise, you naturally already know what an incredible stress reliever it can be. For many people, this is even more the case with kinkier sex that strays at least a little outside the box. In fact, kink has been linked to significantly lower risks of developing various stress-related health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and even asthma.

Although no one knows precisely why that is, the experts have a few theories. Some surmise that kinky sex helps build confidence, both in oneself and in any relationships a person might be in. Others credit the unique flow state and general mindfulness that accompany BDSM and many types of kink play.

2.      It gives your mental health a boost.

Although some out there may still think of a penchant for kinky sex as proof of someone’s perversity, it’s actually terrific for your mental health. Kinksters of all kinds tend to be stronger, healthier, more independent, and more secure in themselves. They’re also a lot less likely to develop anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and more.

Kink also teaches people to embrace new experiences more readily and be more open to coloring outside the lines in all aspects of life. And contrary to what many believe, an interest in kink doesn’t necessarily correlate to a history of sexual abuse or trauma. If anything, it seems to help some people process such things.

3.      You’ll build some serious communication skills.

The golden rule for any kind of kink is “communicate, communicate, and communicate some more.” That’s because consent is of the utmost importance. To get the most out of your experience, both you and your partner need to become expert communicators. And learning to communicate better in the bedroom typically translates into better, smoother communications elsewhere in life, as well.

For instance, people who love kinky sex tend to have an easier time being assertive and successfully communicating their wants, needs, and expectations to other people, in general. As a result, they’re more successful at work, have stronger friendships, and experience higher rates of satisfaction in romantic relationships.

4.      You’ll find it easier to stay out of sexual ruts.

Even loving couples in close relationships who are wildly attracted to each other need a little help in the sex department from time to time. After you’ve been together a long time, you’ve learned what works, and you tend to default to it more often than not. Life gets hectic, and schedules get full. It’s not always easy to make working on your sex life the priority it should be.

An interest in kink can help keep things fun, fresh, and adventurous. Kinksters tend to have more go-to options already in their repertoire – toys, roleplaying scenarios, low-key BDSM, and more. They often find it easier to be creative, come up with wild new ideas, and talk about things they’d like to try with their partners, as well.

5.      Kink makes you more self-aware, too.

Most people live focused on what they think they “should” enjoy or want out of life. In fact, they channel so much of their energy into fitting the status quo and being “normal” (sexually and otherwise) that they never stop to ask themselves whether they’re happy.

Embracing your kinkier side teaches you to question what you think you like, want, and need. Not only does kink help you figure out what actually gets your juices flowing and turns you on, but it makes it easier to challenge your own boundaries every once in a while. Really, consider the fact that the hottest, most powerful orgasm of your life might still be out there, waiting for you to become more honest with yourself about what you like in bed.

Of course, these are just a few of the many fantastic benefits that come with exploring yourself sexually and pushing a few boundaries. So don’t be afraid to try a little kink on for size yourself and discover a few more!