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How to Have the Hottest Sex Ever This Valentine’s Day

How to Have the Hottest Sex Ever This Valentine’s Day

Posted at Feb 9, 2019 10:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Whether you typically like to plan something big or are more the type to play it cool, Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal when you’ve got someone special to consider. It’s not just about finding the right gift and planning the perfect date either. Everyone knows that red hot, sizzling sex is the icing on the cake when it comes to Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re seeing someone new. Let’s go over how you can make sure your V-Day romp between the sheets is everything you want it to be and more.

Start with a Date to Remember

You don’t have to spend a fortune or even leave the house to make your upcoming Valentine’s Day rendezvous special. The key to planning something that will leave your partner swooning is to tailor the experience according to what they like, because nothing’s hotter and sexier than knowing your partner really gets you. If you’re in a brand new relationship, think about what they’ve already told you as far as what they’re into and plan your day accordingly. If you’ve been in your relationship a while, think about what they might have mentioned wanting to do more of. Walks on the beach, concerts, lazy afternoons spent in bed together? Anything goes so long as it shows you listen when they tell you what they like and want.

Splurge on Something New

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and absolutely deserves to be treated as such. Investing in a little something new can be an excellent way to help it feel that way, not to mention make any potential Valentine’s Day sex a lot hotter and sexier. Consider shopping for some sexy lingerie in a particular color, fabric, or style you know your partner loves seeing you in. Spritz on a new fragrance and go the extra mile to look your best. Spruce up the look and feel of your bedroom with some sexy new sheets, some scented candles, or a few fresh flowers as well. This is also the perfect time of year to add a little something new to your personal toy chest if you have one. Think fun, flirty options like vibrating couple’s toys, costumes for role-playing, remote controlled vibrating bullets, or bondage starter kits designed specifically with couples in mind. A sensual head to toe massage (completely with happy ending if you like) is a great idea as well. Make it one for the ages with a sensual new massage candle or fun massage oil in a fragrance both of you find appealing.

Explore a Favorite Fantasy

Does your partner have a special fetish fantasy that they’ve been dying to see come to life? Have they always wanted to try public sex, dabble in a little role reversal, or see you all dressed up as a naughty nurse? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to surprise them by making it happen. Not only are realized fantasies a great way to boost intimacy and become closer as a couple, but they’re guaranteed to bring out the tiger in your partner (and probably you too when you see how much fun they’re having).

If you haven’t yet traded pet fantasies with one another, consider making it a point to do so as soon as possible. Establish up front that this is a “no judgment” discussion, make separate lists complete with anything you’d each really like to try, and then trade your lists. Take turns citing items on each list that you’d totally be down to try sometime and, if you like, make plans to surprise your partner soon with something from theirs. If you’ll need any special props to make the experience perfect, consider shopping online for the right items as couple to heighten the anticipation for both of you.

Make Foreplay an All-Day Affair

No sex is hotter than sex you’ve spent the better part of the day absolutely aching for. That said, decide right now that Valentine’s Day foreplay should begin the minute the two of you wake up in the morning. Start your day with a lingering kiss or some time spent cuddling in bed if possible. If you’ll be spending the day together, make it a point to hold hands, whisper intimate little statements of anticipation into one another’s ears, and engage in the occasional naughty caress or two.

If you’ll be spending the day apart, you can help the anticipation build by keeping things going over text or email. Send your partner a series of steamy sexts, detailing everything you’re looking forward to doing to them later. If you’re game, you may even want to include a few five-alarm selfies as visual aids to make sure their blood really starts racing. Keep things going over the course of the entire day and prepare to have the hottest sex ever when they walk through the front door later. You’ll both be glad you did!