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Unique Sex Toy Ideas to Try with Your Partner ASAP

Unique Sex Toy Ideas to Try with Your Partner ASAP

Posted at Jul 10, 2019 11:00 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

There are lots of things in life that are great alone, but have the potential to be even better when shared with a partner. We’re not just talking monster movie marathons and extra-large pepperoni pizzas. Sex toys are good for a lot more than just jazzing up your solo time. They can be excellent ways to add spice, variety, and a little bit of naughtiness to playtime with your partner as well.

Maybe you’re brand new to using sex toys together and want some ideas on how to get started with a bang. Maybe you’ve been using toys as a couple for a while now and just want to learn a few new moves. Whatever the case may be, give some consideration to the following fun ideas. Each is virtually guaranteed to leave your partner screaming for more.

1. Add a vibe to the mix the next time you give them a blow job.

    Clits and vaginas aren’t the only body parts that can really appreciate the stimulation a vibrator brings to the table. All humans have lots and lots of nerve endings that can appreciate a few good vibrations and penises are no exceptions. If your partner is new to vibrator play, an enhanced blow job is a great way to introduce them to the experience.

    There are specially designed oral stimulators made specifically for blowjobs. The familiar sensation of your mouth around the shaft combined with the humming and vibrating sensations provided by the vibrator will send them soaring. A bullet vibe or a vibrating egg works like a charm for this as well. You can also try adding a little lube and rubbing the vibe against their balls while you pleasure them.

    2. Treat your partner to a massage with benefits.

      Does your partner come home completely bushed after long, stressful days at the office? Do they constantly complain of ailments like sore muscles and tension headaches? There’s absolutely nothing like a good massage when it comes to unwinding and relaxing. A long, drawn-out massage that potentially has a happy ending is even better!

      A wand vibrator is an ideal fit for just such a massage. Most wand vibes really are meant to double as muscle massagers, so you can trust them to do the job when it comes to working out all those pesky muscle kinks, so start there. Once they’re nice and relaxed, you can definitely consider taking the action downstairs for either or both of you if you decide you’re in the mood.

      3. Let your partner give you a super-intense G-spot orgasm.

        Do you own a vibrator or other sex toy that’s designed to stimulate your G-spot in particular? Tell your partner you’ve always heard about how intense G-spot orgasms are and would love to know what it’s like to experience one with a partner. Ask them if they’d like to help you out in that department. Then have them use the G-spot vibe on you while they go down on you.

        Oral is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy an orgasm with a partner. Adding some good vibrations and G-spot stimulation to the mix will take things to the next level and beyond. It will definitely make the oral action you already love even more effective, not to mention treat you to an intense orgasm you’ll just have to experience to believe.

        4. Make it all about them.

          The next time you’re in the mood to really spoil your partner in the bedroom, consider taking the pressure off and treating them to a sexy session that’s literally all about them. Try tying them up with a set of silk scarves or blindfolding them. Then go to town when it comes to making them feel good, but draw things out as long as you both like.

          Caress every inch of their body with your hands and tongue. Rub your body up against theirs. Then when you’re both ready, set a vibrator on low and use it to stimulate their more sensitive areas. Run it over the insides of their thighs or nipples. Try it on their scrotum, perineum, or shaft as well. Pay attention to how their penis reacts to each and every option you try. It’s a great way to learn which sensations their body does and doesn’t like for future reference.

          5. Hand them your favorite toy and put them in the driver’s seat.

            If you’ve ever tried the above option, you don’t need to be told how delicious it can be to have your partner completely at your mercy for a little while. We assure you they probably feel the same way! Consider giving them their own turn in the driver’s seat some night you feel like doing things a little bit differently.

            Tell them you’re in the mood to warm up for them with one of your favorite toys, but you’d really like them to help you out a little. Then strip the both you down and lie together to play. Grab your favorite vibe and start by using it on yourself while the two of you make out and kiss. Then ask them to take over and hand over the reins. Don’t forget to be vocal. Moan and tell them how good you feel.

            6. Try a completely new toy made especially for couples.

              While there’s certainly nothing wrong with bringing the toys you already love using for solo play into the bedroom with your partner, trying something totally new together is an experience that’s really too good to miss out on. If the two of you already enjoy playing with toys together, try logging on to your favorite sex toy site, browsing their selection of couple’s toys, and picking out something that gets you both excited about coming attractions.

              A vibrating cock ring is a great option to start with. Not only will it keep the penis rock hard and make it extra big, but the vibrations will intensify the experience of intercourse for both of you. It’s also a relatively inexpensive first couple’s toy to try, as well as a good one for teaching you both what works well for a shared experience. Vibrating cock rings are small enough to make great toys to take along while traveling as well.

              7. Use remote controlled sex toys to make time apart more bearable.

                Sex toys for couples don’t stop at simple vibrating toys either. Once you really start exploring the possibilities, you’ll find that there are all sorts of interesting options to try. Remote controlled sex toys are an excellent example of what we’re talking about.

                Some remote-controlled sex toys are designed specifically so that one person can use the toy while the other controls it via a simple smartphone app – a great way to play with themes like control, domination, or submission. Use it from across the room or from the other side of the country while you’re away on a business trip!

                The toys leverage the magic of mobile technology to communicate with one another, allowing each person to “feel” what the other is experiencing with their toy. Perfect for keeping long-distance relationships good and spicy or being a little naughty during evenings apart.

                8. Indulge in a mutual masturbation session.

                  Is there anything hotter than watching a partner while they give themselves the ultimate pleasure? We certainly don’t think so and we’re willing to bet that neither does your partner. Why not treat each other to a nice little show while you use your favorite sex toys separately… but together?

                  Have each of you choose something from your mutual toy chest. Then lie down together and go to town. Be vocal and really give your partner a great show. Kiss and make out as you pleasure yourselves. If you like, you can even treat your mutual masturbation session as a super-hot intro to intercourse. It’s all up to you!

                  9. Take things into the shower or the tub.

                    These days, many sex toys are made to function absolutely anywhere. Quite a few are even waterproof and totally safe to use in the tub, the shower, or the Jacuzzi. Try storing one in the bathroom so it’s always at the ready when you get sudsy together.

                    Some evening when you could both use a little stress relief, run a nice hot bath for you both, add some scented oil, set the scene with some candles, and pour you each a glass of wine. Get in and relax together. Then when things get steamy, reach for your waterproof vibe and take turns teasing each other before you take things to the next level. Getting squeaky clean has never been so fun or so sexy!