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Product Review: Velskin Carson

Product Review: Velskin Carson

Posted at Nov 25, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When it comes to strap-on play that really makes the grade, your choice in equipment makes all the difference. It’s especially important to know you’re not limited to traditional harness-style strap-ons unless that’s genuinely what you prefer. Wearable dildos provide a fantastic alternative that’s becoming increasingly popular among strap-on enthusiasts everywhere, and Velskin’s new Carson model is certainly one to try. Here’s a closer look at why.

Why Choose a Wearable Dildo?

If you love strap-ons but wish there were a way to make your play experience more intimate, then a wearable dildo is well worth considering. Traditional strap-ons need to be loaded into a harness and are meant primarily for the receiver’s pleasure. Wearable dildos, on the other hand, feature designs that cater to the wearer’s delight, as well.

Wearable dildos are worn inside the wearer instead of attached to a harness. This ensures the experience to come is equally stimulating for both partners. Many people who swear by wearable dildos also say using them makes love play more intimate, intuitive, and closer to au naturel love play. The Velskin Carson takes this basic idea and elevates it even further.

Fantastic Design

When it comes to wearable dildos, it’s all about the design, and Velskin is famous for theirs. The Carson is ergonomically designed to be easily and comfortably experienced by both partners. A 6 ½-inch receiver’s appendage is semi-phallic – beautifully curved and smooth with a realistic head shape and approachable dimensions – so it’s capable of tickling all of your sweet spots just as well as a real penis can.

The second appendage, meant to be worn inside the giver, is equally well designed with pleasure in mind. It’s wickedly curved and perfectly angled to place pressure on just the right spot as you make love to your partner. The result is a satisfying, simultaneous good time for both of you that is sure to bring you closer together when you’re in the mood for a little role reversal.

Premium Vel-Ultra Silicone

Don’t make the mistake of thinking one type of silicone is just as good as another. Velskin is famous for its signature Vel-Ultra silicone for a reason. It strikes a perfect balance between firm and flexible for a play experience that works with the way your body experiences pleasure and processes stimulation. It’s stiff enough to do the job but yielding enough that it moves with you as you enjoy your experience.

It’s also 100 percent body-safe, so you never have to worry about dangerous chemicals or other compounds that compromise your health or irritate your skin. And it’s durable enough to stand up to even your most vigorous play scenarios. It’s a snap to clean and take care of, as well. Just give it a quick wash when you’re done with plain soap and water or use your favorite spray-on toy cleaner.

Stylish Good Looks

Anyone who’s been into strap-on play long knows that many options out there are creative when it comes to shape and size. However, fun colors, unique patterns, and other stylish touches that add some visual appeal to your collection are a lot harder to come by. This is far from the case when you buy your wearables from Velskin.

The Carson is one of several fashionable new options Velskin has recently added to their catalog. Think fun colors, statement patterns, and lots of personality to set your new items apart from everything else in your pleasure chest! The Carson is made of beautiful, satin-finish black Vel-Ultra silicone set off to perfection by candy-pink accent hearts. This makes it especially appealing for couples, style lovers, and anyone else who appreciates a little something different in a toy.

Take Your Play Sessions to the Next Level

As any pleasure seeker knows, a good adult toy isn’t just for solo play. They can help all types of couples take their lovemaking to exciting new places. Vibrators can stimulate anyone’s anatomy and take the pressure off of their partner to “give” them an orgasm. Dildos, massagers, and strap-ons give couples a chance to experiment with role-playing, role reversal, and a variety of other scenarios, as well, keeping sex fresh and exciting.

A wearable dildo like the Velskin Carson is the ultimate way to blend what you love about all-natural lovemaking with the novelty of toy play. Think of it as a beautiful, useful extension of your bodies that makes an entirely new level of pleasure play possible, and add it to your growing pleasure chest today. No toy collection can be considered complete without one.

When you’re done falling madly in love with the Carson, don’t forget to browse the rest of Velskin’s impressive catalog right here at Castle Megastore. It’s only one of many options that can significantly elevate your lovemaking.